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The Second International Conference on Responsible Tourism in Destinations concluded in Kochi, Kerala on the 24th of March 2008 with the adoption of the Kerala Declaration that put forth a call for action to all the stakeholders in tourism.

The Kerala Conference saw academicians and representatives from government agencies, NGOs, media and the travel and tourism industry from the state, national and international arena sharing their expertise and experiences to take forward the Responsible Tourism agenda across the world. Around 503 Indian and foreign delegates and 61 speakers from over 29 countries attended the Conference. he delegates came with a broad range of experience and expertise from diverse cultures, environments and backgrounds. There were delegates from international organisations, national and local government, local communities, airlines, hoteliers, tour operators, service providers, protected areas, NGOs, academia, architects and planners, the media and consultants.

The Second International Conference on Responsible Tourism in Destinations was co-chaired by Dr Harold Goodwin of the ICRT and by Dr Venu V Secretary, Kerala Tourism

Kerala Tourism hosted the Conference established a site ( to further the cause of Responsible Tourism across the world. In the journey ahead, we hope this website will be a repository of the best practices in Responsible Tourism as well as a lively discussion forum.

Participants in the conference discussed progress in achieving Responsible Tourism since the Cape Town Declaration in 2002 and considered what could be contributed by different stakeholders to the achievement of Responsible Tourism objectives.

The Kerala Declaration reports the results of these discussions.


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