Jo Baddeley of Thomas Cook, one of our alumni, featured on Positive Voices in Travel

Susdane is a freelance journalist and blogger with a passion for revealing the treasures of a sustainable and socially aware world.

“I first met Jo a few months ago at Sandele Eco-Retreat in The Gambia and we instantly hit it off, spending hours talking about our mutual interest: Responsible travel. Jo’s story is the tale of a small voice that gradually grew louder in a bid to introduce responsible tourism to a large organization from within.

It is an interesting one to me, as it demonstrates the amount of work that sometimes goes on behind the scenes by dedicated individuals to make mass tourism more sustainable.

 “Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to he a holiday rep”, Jo says closely followed by her infectious laugh. On holiday with her family, she would be at the rep’s desk, hassling them to show her their work. As she grew up, she learnt Spanish and wanted to travel, but backpacking was just too scary for her at that point. Solo female travel has come a long way since then.”

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Some of you will notice Sean Owens, another of our alumni, in the photo “Taste of Fethiye”

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