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2023 Lemala - Best for Tackling Plastic Waste - Tanzania

Lemala won silver in 2022 for its efforts to sequester plastic waste. Lemala has removed single-use plastic from its camps but guests arrive with waste plastic. The vehicles that bring supplies to Lemala’s camps return to Arusha with waste plastic bottles and lunch boxes collected from the safari vehicles where guests arrive. Their arriving guests expect Lemala to dispose of the waste plastic on their behalf. Working with Dunia Design Lemala has removed over 100 tons of plastic from the parks and produced 75 recycled school desks that have been donated to Chief Lebolo's School and the Nainokanoka Primary School at Ngorongoro.

The waste plastic is a threat to the environment, as they said in their entry for the Awards "Upcycling them into school desks and chairs turned them from a threat to an asset and investment in future generations." Lemala uses 100% biodegradable and plastic-free lunch boxes utilising dried banana leaves collected and assembled by single mothers in a community between Tarangire and Ngoronogoro .


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