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2023 Rede Batuc - Best for Diversity and Inclusion - Brazil

November 2, 2023
Harold Goodwin
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The Batuc Network, from Bahia, brings together quilombolas, indigenous people, family farmers, fishermen, riverside dwellers, shepherds, land reform settlers, and urban collectives. The Network promotes its tourist activities as a way to promote the generation of work and income and as an instrument of resistance and transformation in the offer of sustainable, responsible, and regenerative tourism.
Currently, the Batuc Network is present in 7 of the 13 Tourist Zones in the state and 10 of the 27 Identity Territories, complementing the tourist offer in Bahia by offering sustainable, responsible, and solidary tourism, supported by agroecology, solidary economy and popular education.
The Batuc Network is recognized throughout Brazil as a pioneer in efforts to promote justice for the black, quilombola and indigenous population through tourism. This successful model promotes community empowerment with the formation of a network established in a large territory and dialogues with the social emergencies so in vogue in the Latin American continent.

(A quilombola (Portuguese pronunciation: [kilõˈbɔlɐ]) is an Afro-Brazilian resident of quilombo settlements first established by escaped slaves in Brazil. They are the descendants of Afro-Brazilian slaves who escaped from slave plantations that existed in Brazil until abolition in 1888)


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