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2023 Soar Excursions, Joint Winner Best for Meaningful Connections - India 

Soar Excursions describes itself as “dedicated to offering meaningful, experiential, and responsible tourism experiences to a diverse range of clients”, which includes pleasure tourists, craft and heritage professionals, international students, and research scholars. They provide customised and curated slow travel options in Gujarat, covering nature and wildlife, cultural and craft exploration, history, heritage and architecture appreciation, field research, as well as photography and videography. Their immersive tours offer experiences, ranging from bicycling through the Rann of Kutch to exploring modernist architecture in Gujarat to walking alongside the nomadic Mirasi community. Their textile tours provide workshops with artisan communities, allowing participants to delve into the history and evolution of specific crafts, understand the communities practising them, and have hands-on experiences. Soar Excursions is a small specialist carrying between 150 and 200 guests each year, with five core team members providing small group and individual tours for Indian and American travellers.


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