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2023 Weeva - Best for Addressing Climate Change - Global, out of Africa

November 2, 2023
Harold Goodwin
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"Weeva is a B2B data-driven software that measures sustainability based on the 4 C's of sustainability – namely: conservation, community, commerce and culture." Climate Action is about minimising climate impacts caused by human activities and their related emissions. Weeva users can manage their carbon footprint by measuring and reporting their resource use and scope 1 and 2 emissions providing users with an accurate dashboard on which they can track progress and benchmark themselves against other Weeva users. Scope 3 emissions tracking is under development.

Weeva recognises that businesses will have different starting points, facing different issues in a world diverse in geography, climate and culture, and they have made it easy to begin. Businesses "can get started by entering relevant data into the Weeva system; whether that's the litres of petrol or diesel you've consumed that month, your kilowatt hours of solar energy produced, or your employee engagement survey scores." Weeva enables businesses to choose their own journey using the tools that enable them to tackle the issues that matter to their business, their neighbours and their environment. Weeva takes the raw data inputted by the business and produces a visual dashboard showing what the business is achieving – a combined management and marketing tool.


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