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Responsible Tourism Hub

December 13, 2019
Harold Goodwin
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The founding document of the Responsible Tourism Movement

This Responsible Tourism Hub page is designed to provide access to the world's leading resources on Responsible Tourism. The Hub is maintained by Harold Goodwin, extensive links can be found there too. 

RTNews is published monthly and carries the editor's top ten news items

WTM, London hosts each year in November the world's largest Responsible Tourism event for professionals. There are RT programmes at the other portfolio shows in Cape Town, Dubai and Sao Paulo.

The WTM family of Responsible Tourism Awards - click the link above - exist to identify those businesses which have demonstrably identified issues which matter, taken responsibility for addressing them and which are able to demonstrate real impact. The Awards are the antidote to greenwashing and greenhushing.

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How to travel responsibly and feel good about it. 


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