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Conversations with Tourism Leaders

March 3, 2022
Harold Goodwin
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Conversations with Tourism Leaders about progress in Responsible Tourism and the Platform for Change

Jane Ashton, Sustainability Director, easyJet
In conversation with Jane Ashton, Sustainability Director, at easyJet about the promise of hydrogen. video

Martin Brackenbury, previously President IFTO and UNWTO
The conversation ranged over previous experiences of avian flu, MERS & SARS and how the travel and tourism industry learns to live with Covid  video

John Coplin, FRAE, RB211 aero-engine Chief Designer, then Director of Technology and Design at Rolls Royce
John speaks with passion about why tourism matters and argues that the engineers need to be funded to make the transition to hydrogen, it needs to happen faster across the world in the next ten years. video

Shannon Guihan,  Chief TreadRight & Sustainability Officer for The Travel Corporation
Shannon interviews Harold Goodwin about the Platform for Change video

Inge Huijbrechts, Global Sustainability & Security Senior Executive, Radisson Hotels Group
We talked about the impact of Covid on hotels, what it has meant for sustainability and what needs to be done to encourage all accommodation owners and operators to adopt sustainability - progress needs to be faster. video

Clare Jenkinson, Head of Sustainability at ABTA
Trust, Covid as a catalyst for change and developments amongst travel agents and tour operators video

Chris Lyle, International Aviation Policy Consultant
Chris argues that responsibility for overseeing the essential reduction in greenhouse gas emissions should pass from ICAO to UNFCCC.  Aviation is not progressing rapidly enough to  Net Zero. video

Eric Ricaute, Founder & CEO, Greenview
Eric talks about the pressure from the banks and investors to ensure that new hotels and reports are sustainable, the wave of change and hints at a new tool soon to be launched to measure Net Zero. video

John Sage, President at Accessible Travel Solutions
John describes the processes that tourism businesses and destinations need to use to become more inclusive and cater for people with disabilities and we talk about why it matters. video

Becca Samson, Sustainability & CSR Lead at Booking.com
We talk about the continuing growth in consumer demand for sustainable tourism and about what Booking.com is doing on its platform to enable consumers to find sustainable product and purchase it. video

James Thornton, CEO, Intrepid Travel
We talk about what Intrepid is doing, its willingness to share the sustainability tools it has developed and the importance of sustainability going mainstream in our sector. video

Garry Wilson, CEO, easyJet holidays
Garry talks about his ambition at easyJet to create mainstream Responsible Tousim holidays and his enthusiasm for hydrogen.  video

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