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Covid-19 to May 2020

It is increasingly apparent that there will be no easy return to Business as Usual. This crisis more profound. It will not be like this, this time










Coronavirus: The world in lockdown in maps and charts

Coronavirus pandemic: Tracking the global outbreak

Aljazeera has a useful country by county list of border closures  as at June 3rd

Articles on Tourism Industry Recovery Post Covid-19

Covid-19 has thrown Europe's tourism industry into chaos. The losses are already dramatic,  a report from banking group UBS found that tourism revenues fell by 95% in Italy and 77% in Spain in March. Holidaymakers are frustrated and holiday businesses are worried. Below is a list of articles surrounding tourism and travel after Covid-19:

4 May - Coronavirus and entry restrictions: 6 things travellers to Germany need to know
4 May - Tourism reliant Isle of Wight considers how to salvage summer without putting lives at risk
4 May - When can we visit France? Latest advice as entry restrictions are extended until July
4 May - France says won’t quarantine EU, Schengen area citizens
4 MayMillions go on holiday as China lifts domestic travel restrictions
4 May - Disinfecting pods and robot cleaners help Hong Kong Airport prepare for return of passengers
4 May - Eurostar makes face masks mandatory, and planes could be next
4 May - Social distancing at airports will not work, Heathrow boss warns
3 May - Tui boss calls on EU states to develop ‘roadmap for travel’
3 May - UK Transport Minister on Quarantine
2 May - Europe’s tourism industry braces for post-COVID-19 ‘new normal’
2 May - Hotels prepare for life after lockdown with thermal cameras and medical checks for guests
2 May - Hong Kong plots return of tourism in May, with Britons expected back by end of 2020
30 April - Greece plans new rules for tourists this summer
29 April - “Health Passport” under consideration for travellers to Greece
29 April - Cyprus prepares post-corona tourism strategy
27 April - New Zealand has 'won battle' against community transmission of Covid-19
27 April - Madrid’s tourism recovery strategy to initially focus on local output
26 April - Edinburgh looks to tourism for post-coronavirus recovery
24 April  All but eight countries have now banned British travellers because of coronavirus

Restricted Operation at Vienna Airport

How long will it go on?

07 May UK Atol licences
24 April - Travel industry should expect no bounce back ‘until next year’
23 April - Merkel warns coronavirus crisis 'still just the beginning'
17 April - UK lockdown extended for 'at least' three weeks, Dominic Raab announces
14 April - European president Ursula von der Leyen told German tabloid newspaper Bild: “At the moment, no one can make reliable forecasts for July and August.  I would advise everyone to wait before making holiday plans.”
14 April - IATA’s Director General and CEO, Alexandre de Juniac, said: “The industry’s outlook grows darker by the day. The scale of the crisis makes a sharp V-shaped recovery unlikely. Realistically, it will be a U-shaped recovery with domestic travel coming back faster than the international market. We could see more than half of passenger revenues disappear. more
13 April  - Rebound: China’s northeastern border with Russia has become a frontline in the fight against a resurgence of the coronavirus epidemic as new daily cases rose to the highest in nearly six weeks – with more than 90 per cent involving people coming from abroad. more
6 April - British Foreign Office advised against all non-essential travel “indefinitely.”

How bad will it get?

29 April - UNWTO 100% of destinations across the world now have travel restrictions in place out of 217 destinations worldwide.

  • 45% have totally or partially closed their borders for tourists.
  • 30% of destinations have suspended all international flights either totally or partially.
  • 18% are banning the entry for visitors from specific countries of origin or passengers who have transited through specific destinations.
  • 7% are applying different measures, such as quarantine or self-isolation for 14 days and visa measures.

24 April - 96% of all worldwide destinations have introduced travel restrictions since January 2020
24 April - WTTC: 100m job losses  Of the 100.8 million jobs at risk, almost 75 million of them are in G20 countries. The punishing impact of the COVID-19 crisis has led to over one million jobs already being lost every day.
15 April - The battle at the heart of British science over coronavirus
14 April - The Great Lockdown: Worst Economic Downturn Since the Great Depression

Safety for Tourists 

07 May - The 17 protocols cover all aspects of hotel operations and are based on hotel occupancy of 50% or 60%, unless local guidelines insist on lower ratios.
05 May - Sandals Resorts Addresses Changing Needs Amidst COVID-19
24 April - Airlines to return after coronavirus with ‘new standards’, says Wizz Air chief
24 April - Portugal launches Covid-19 hygiene certification
23 April - Ryanair chief slams in-flight social distancing as ‘idiotic’
17 April - Accor launches Covid-19 cleaning certification
14 April - In Thailand the tourism sector is proposing a Tourism Safety Act
Chamnan Srisawat, president of the Thai Federation of Provincial Tourist Associations, said the format of tourism services will change to smaller groups to comply with social distancing practises as people are looking for preventive measures against possible infection.
14 April - Ailing sector pushing for safety law
13 April - Vinod Zutshi former Secretary of Tourism, India

Recovery will depend on  the extent of ‘safe zones’ and ‘safe destinations’, from a health safety point of view, that emerge after the crisis.

UK Outbound
13 April - YouGov poll shows more than 8 in 10 (84 per cent) of the public believe they face years of economic hardship as a result of the measures.Almost a fifth (19 per cent) have already either lost their job or had to take a cut in pay or hours – predominantly among the younger generation – and a similar proportion say they are worried about their future and even more say they feel increasingly lonely and unhappy.
4 April - "The Foreign Office indefinitely advises against all non-essential global travel.”“The situation is changing rapidly. Travellers could face severe disruption and be unable to return to the UK.“  more
17 March - Britons should avoid all non-essential travel for a month, effectively until April 16

UK Inbound

26 April - Travellers arriving in UK will be told to self-isolate for two weeks


30 April - Protected Trust Services sees spike in enquiries
30 April - Investors told to fund customer refunds
24 April - Abta has defended its guidance on Refund Credit Notes
24 April - Abta on Corona Virus
23 April - Webcast: Trust and reputation in the travel industry


1 May - Tui Group defers 75% of winter hotel payments
28 April - G Adventures' U-turn over furloughed staff
28 April - G Adventures places staff previously made redundant on furlough

Travelling with Health Certificates

26 April - Turkish Tourism sets rules for visitors

Raising K

24 April - Expedia to raise $3.2bn funding ‘to survive’

Visa Restrictions & Health requirements

24 April - WHO immunity passports Some governments have suggested that the detection of antibodies to the SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, could serve as the basis for an “immunity passport” or “risk-free certificate” that would enable individuals to travel or to return to work assuming that they are protected against re-infection. There is currently no evidence that people who have recovered from COVID-19 and have antibodies are protected from a second infection. more

11 March - US announced a 30 day ban on travellers from Schengen countries, added UK & Ireland 14 day quarantining on arrival

Coming Out of Lockdown

02 May - Modoc County, California has opened for tourism

Social Distancing

Face masks

15 April - New Jersey, New York and Maryland require  people to wear   masks,  scarves or bandannas where social distancing cannot be complied with 
15 April - Oahu residents required to wear non-medical grade face coverings while in public to further limit the transmission and spread of coronavirus.

Markets - Demand

17 April - Travel firms will have to “coax people back” using creative, inspirational and subtle marketing.

14 April - Ailing sector pushing for safety law
Vichit Prakobgosol, president of Atta. "Most Thai tour agents are accustomed to luring Chinese, but to avoid paralysis during a crisis, it's necessary to think about diversification,"
The domestic market, which should return to travel first, should be the priority target for tour operators

13 April - Vinod Zutshi former Secretary of Tourism, India
Industry must put their immediate focus on domestic tourism, more than inbound or outbound.
There shall be a new ‘protocol’ both for International and domestic travelling, primarily based on health safety of traveller and of the host destination. Countries will revisit and review their Visa policies. The New Visa regime of countries is likely to be guided also by the health safety of the host country. Governments all over the world are likely to put health protocols and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in place, for industry and for travellers to follow. If India overcomes the COVID-19 crisis relatively more successfully, we shall emerge as a ‘Safer and Healthier’ tourist destination in the world. In times to come, the destination which can brand itself as a ‘health-safe’ destination, will be a preferred destination for travel. Within India also there may emerge ‘safer regions and destinations’. The domestic travellers, as well as inbound travellers, therefore will prefer to visit such safe destinations only in the initial period.

Trade as % of global GDP peaked in 2008 - shift towards regional trade blocks






























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