Dispersal – Spatial 

First time visitors and many repeat visitors will want to visit the honey pot attractions, particularly those in the public realm where only crowding will deter them.

In Barcelona, the honeypot ticketed attractions such as the Sagrada Familia and Parc Guell attract millions of visitors each year. The concentration of visitor pressure is clear from data collected from Twitter. The city is pioneering the use of big data to aid its management of visitor movements and concentrations and they are encouraging visitors to discover the “ten Barcelonas” through more than 500 points of interest in the city’s districts. his work is linked with the development a Tourist Mobility Plan designed to enable visitors to move around the city between the tourist nodes in ways that are compatible with ordinary mobility in the city and which improves, or at least preserves, the quality of mobility services for residents, making the city more enjoyable. more

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