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ICRT-SEA is a pioneering centre that connects members who share a common goal in developing and advocating tourism development through responsible actions using research, education, training, community engagement and partnership. Inspired by Professor Harold Goodwin and the Responsible Tourism Partnership, ICRT-SEA is set up to initiate and perpetuate the global responsible tourism movement in the region of Southeast Asia. It aims to harness partnerships between tourism academics, practitioners and communities to promote and realise responsible tourism initiatives in Southeast Asia for sustainable development. ICRT-SEA is led by Dr Hiram Ting, Director of Responsible Borneo (REBORN), and made up of committee members in this region. REBORN is a signatory of 2022 Responsible Tourism Charter.

Vision: To build and be recognised as a leading centre in Southeast Asia that mobilizes responsible tourism into policy and practice through effective partnership

Missions: ICRT-SEA realises responsible tourism with five missions as follows:

  1. Research - projects and publications
  2. Education - modules for students
  3. Training - workshops for various stakeholders
  4. Community Engagement - capacity building
  5. Partnership - strategic alliance for real impact

Responsible tourism is germane to the countries in Southeast Asia because it aims to benefit the local community, create employment opportunities, preserve cultures, protect the environment and sustain economic growth, which, in turn, improves the quality of life and the betterment of the society. This region has long been regarded as economically dynamic due to its rising populations and market opportunities to many developed countries. Despite the importance of various tourism aspects, such as smart tourism, event tourism and ecotourism, the sense of responsibility of each and every stakeholder is what is largely needed to develop, recover, sustain and regenerate tourism in Southeast Asia.
Source: An Outlook on Responsible Tourism in Southeast Asia

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