Information Resources

Information resources

1: Key resources

    • The Cape Town Declaration on Responsible Tourism in Destinations (2002) this is the founding document of the international Responsible Tourism Movement – it defines Responsible Tourism and spells out the aspiration to use tourism “to make better places for people to live in and better places for people to visit”
    • The website has details of all the winners and highly commendeds since the awards were founded in 2004. This gives a real sense of the variety – all forms of tourism can be more responsible.
    • To take a look at the policies of individual companies take a look at – take a look at “our partners” on the left of the home page, at the bottom, and follow the links to the policies of the companies promoted on the site.
    • Harold writes a fortnightly blog for World Travel Market’s Responsible Tourism blog, which also features regular posts by Jeremy Smith.

2: Books, magazines, papers

 5: Courses

If you want to learn about Responsible Tourism in more depth consider taking at least the first module in the MSc in Responsible Tourism in the Centre for Responsible Tourism at Manchester Metropolitan University

6: Company reporting

The problem with certificates and labels is that they tell you next to nothing about the priorities of the business nor about how much progress it has made. To see what some major companies are doing follow these links:

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