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Local Voices

Prince Montoeli Mota explains what Witsieshoek means to the community
Glynn O'Leary CEO of TFPD explains why they manage community owned lodges
Eleanor Muller on creating local economic benefits and a great guest experience

Tefo Emandulo (near Witsieshoek) explaining to Harold Goodwin about pottery
A visiting German Choir joined by Witsieshoek staff sing in front of the Drakensberg’s amphitheatre
Kholofelo at Modjadi teaches about Cycads
Mama Maria Mukhari at Baleni Camp introduces guests to the ancestors
Nelson from Fundudzi talking about community
Jeremia the Bearded Vulture guide, explains why Witsieshoek is important for the community|
Prudance from Baleni Camp explaining about the forbidden words at Mkulu spring
Nelson Maphaha introduces traditional Venda food to guests at Fundudzi camp
Ballpen Molokwane discusses belief at the Modjadji Royal Compound

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