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April 10, 2020
Harold Goodwin
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2020 09 25 Harold Goodwin, a renowned commentator on responsible tourism recently wrote about the actions Scotland is taking toward being a global leader in this area. In particular, he described how we seek to create meaningful connections between our visitors and our country. This fosters a long-lasting bond, offering an excellent opportunity to encourage return travellers and engage with visitors who will give something back, in a positive way. Holyrood

2020 09  13 Travel Leaders Share Their Thoughts About Racism and Tourism in Video Series

2020 06 08 Wiki.ezvid.com The RTP recognised for advancing sustainability through tourism.

2020 06 06 Gulf Today,
Strategies to restore travellers’ confidence discussed at ATM
2020 04 22 CBCGDF
News China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation 
2020 03 13 Felix Dodds
Guest Blog: Offsetting and the aviation industry are being challenged
2020 02 09 The Hindu World Travel Market (WTM) adviser, during his recent visit to the State stated that Kerala will be declared as the World Leader of Responsible Tourism in November
2020 02 09 The Hindu Stress on sustainable tourism in Kerala
2020 01 27 New Zealand Herald Harold Goodwin, managing director of Responsible Tourism Partnership, said the best way to check whether a location is the host's actual home is to see how many dates are offered over the year. If it's only a few weeks, chances are the host lives there
2020 01 25 United News of India Kerala to be declared world leader in Responsible Tourism in 2022, says Dr Goodwin
2020 01 24  Stuff Eight ways travellers can fight 'the Airbnb effect' on local housing costs
2020 01 23 Washington Post If booking through Airbnb, choose a place where the host lives
2020 01 23 New Indian Express Harold Goodwin praises state's RT initiatives
2020 01 22 Washington Post Eight ways travellers can fight 'the Airbnb effect' on local housing costs
2019 12 05 The Better India “Delicious food that is prepared and served with love. Extremely amiable and well-behaved employees. Thank you, thank you so much for all your services.”
2019 11 29 Daily Mail ‘The best way is to fly less,’ says Harold Goodwin, of the Responsible Travel Partnership. ‘Planting trees is a good idea, but it is not a get-out-of-jail-free idea.’
2019 10 18 Planeta “Eco-tourism was a cul-de-sac, it was a mistake. It was about saying ‘we’ll green the tourism industry by focusing on 1 or 2% of it’. I still hear people today saying that eco-tourism is the fastest growing sector of the tourism industry — it is these sort of awful myths that actually frustrate change,”
2019 04 03 National Geographic" I last went to Prague in 1988 and decided I wasn't going back because there were already too many visitors," says Harold Goodwin, emeritus professor and director of the Institute of Place Management at Manchester Metropolitan University. "But most of us just get used to places getting more and more crowded."
2019 02 12 Times of India  “Everybody struggles with carbon. But in Kerala, there is a ..2019 01 29 Deccan Chronicle experience for money is becoming more important than value for money in the present
2019 02 12 Times of India Tourism expert hails state's success story
2019 02 11 Business Standard
Kerala's responsible Tourism can make it score high on SDGs
2019 02 11 India.com Kerala's Responsible Tourism can make it score high on SDGs: Tourism Expert
2019 02 11 United News of India Kerala's Responsible Tourism can make it score high on SDGs: Harold Goodwin
2018 11 11 The Times Green travel: time to focus on the real cost of global tourism
2018 10 23 The West Australian The British academic and responsible tourism expert Dr Harold Goodwin has described it as being “about using tourism to make better places for people to live in, first; and second, better places for people to visit”. “The aspiration,” he has written, “is to use tourism rather than to be used by it”
2018 10 23 Western Australian Ethical tourism: Steps to cut the negative effects of travel
2018 09 12 'Overtourism’ Is Driving Europeans Crazy Is anti-tourist sentiment code for classism, racism and xenophobia, or a legitimate concern over a city's capacity to accommodate visitors? by Jessica Loudis
2018 09 12 The Nation Public feelings about tourism have long been mixed. Back in the 1930s, says Harold Goodwin, director of the Institute of Place Management at Manchester Metropolitan University, there was documentation of hard-partying tourists destroying Greek fishing villages. “It’s always been true that people go abroad to behave badly,” he observed.
2018 08 19 BBC News And Prof Harold Goodwin, an expert in tourism across poorer developing economies, goes so far as to suggest that Disneyland may be a useful model for future tourism, in that you pay a price that covers the cost of the attraction, and also the cost of clearing up after you've left.
2018 04 20 The Telegraph  Harold Goodwin of Responsible Tourism elaborates on this point, saying: “It is the opposite of responsible tourism which is about using tourism to make better places to live in and better places to visit. Often both visitors and guests experience the deterioration concurrently”
2018 04 20 Overtourism: word of the year Dear dictionaries, this is why 'overtourism' should be your 2018 word of the year
2018 04 18 The National UAE  “There are three critical issues on the environmental agenda for responsible tourism all around the world. One is reducing water consumption, the other is reducing fossil fuel emissions and the third is waste management”
2018 04 18 UAE’s green tourism in the spotlight at Arabian Travel Market By analysing water and energy consumption and non-recyclable waste production, a company can identify significant savings
2018 02 24 ‘It’s going to be big’: tourism industry prepares for one-day visa stopover boom At Arabian Travel Market, hotels and tour operators eagerly await a date for new drive that would allow easy access through UAE immigration
2017 11 24 Encouraging growth without damage TTG
This month saw the global travel and tourism industry coming together again at World Travel Market London to sign business deals and discuss the key topics affecting the sector
2017 10 26 Irish Centre for Responsible Tourism Hosts Visitor Management Conference
Delivering a sustainable tourism sector can maximise tourism's economic and social contribution
2017 10 14 Gulf News
After almost a decade of practising ‘responsible tourism’ (RT), the picturesque Kumarakom tourist destination is aiming to seek global recognition
2017 09 06 Costing the Earth – Tourism Tide Radio broadcast - Can beautiful places welcome mass tourism without environmental destruction?
2017 08 12 The Morality of Holidays, the Moral Maze Combative, provocative and engaging radio debate chaired by Michael Buerk
2017 08 08 Orizzoninternazionali 
A talk with Harold Goodwin on the present and the future of Responsible tourism
2017 06 04 Ship Technology 
A cruise too far: how overtourism impacts the world’s top destinations
2017 04 27 Tour ops count on agents to stoke the conservation conversation
Tour operators have appealed to U.S. travel agents to help them spread the word that responsible travel is key when booking a trip to Africa ....
2017 03 17 Oracadian Tourism Conference in Kirkwall Tourism on the agenda at spring summit in Kirkwall
2017 03 02 Living Planet: Responsible Tourism
DW talks to Harold Goodwin for some tips on how to reduce our holiday footprint
2017 01 30 Video by Harold Goodwin
Why Responsible Tourism Matters, Odisha Knowledge Hub Lecture Series
2015 12 10 Interview in ehotelier
Fostering sustainable tourism is everyone's job
2015 10 08 Sustainability Leaders Project
Responsible Tourism without Professor Harold Goodwin would be like the peace movement without leaders like Nelson Mandela, Martin ...
2013 09 06 The Guardian  Goodwin believes tourism ministers are too often judged purely on arrivals numbers and bed nights, rather than actual tourism yield. But while he welcomed the call for better tools for the trade, he said sustainable tourism has to have buy-in from local government
2011 03 09 New York Times Local citizens “may be economically poor but they are often culturally rich,”  It’s O.K. to take photos of individuals who capture your interest  but only if you ask first and pay if requested, he adds. The rule is simple, Mr. Goodwin says: “Treat them as you would like to be treated.”
2009 10 16 The Guardian We sought advice from Friends of the Earth and the tourism academic Prof Harold Goodwin (a co-founder of responsibletravel) among others

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