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Now is the time to fall in love with Llandovery

July 28, 2010
Kerry K-C
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It’s no secret that Llandovery is fit for a Prince – or indeed a future King – but the town’s people of Llandovery have much grander plans afoot which they hope will spark a long love affair with visitors to the area. And with just over two weeks to go, final preparations are in hand for a unique event being held in Llandovery town centre on Saturday 14th August.

With the support of Brecon Beacons National Park Authority’s COLLABOR8 project and the Llandovery & District Chamber of Commerce the town have gone to great lengths to explore their strengths and assets to create a vibrant new destination brand identity which they hope will boost tourism to the town and put Llandovery firmly on the map.

Nick Stewart, Sustainable Tourism Officer for Brecon Beacons National Park Authority said: “Llandovery is a unique town that celebrates its rural location and droving heritage with great pride – and although the area is well known for attracting royalty, the town is working hard behind the scenes to attract more of the types of visitors that will enjoy what the town has to offer.

“Although we can’t say too much, what we can say is that a new brand identity, logo and big collage of over 400 photographs contributed by the people of the town are being unveiled by the Mayor and Llandovery & District Chamber of Commerce at a public event at the Market Square 11am on Saturday 14th August.  So everyone who loves Llandovery and for those who haven’t had the pleasure to visit the town, we urge you to come along and join in the celebrations.”

Fiona Walker, Chairman of the Llandovery & District Chamber of Commerce said:  “Working in partnership with the Brecon Beacons National Park Authority, we’ve put together an action plan to develop tourism sustainably in Llandovery. An important part of that has been to create a recognisable brand that identifies the town as a great place to live and visit. It will enable us to attract more of the types of visitor we want – visitors whose motivations and interests match what we have to offer and want to share.”

Nigel Burgess, Mayor of Llandovery who will be speaking at the launch event said:  “This is a great opportunity to use tourism to contribute to the revitalisation and regeneration of Llandovery. Our historic town, friendly community and the outstanding natural beauty of the area are great assets and the new brand is an invitation to visitors who will enjoy and value that.”

There will be face-painting for children and plenty of shops to visit, cafes to relax in and benches to just sit and enjoy the special Llandovery atmosphere.  For more information please contact Nick Stewart, Sustainable Tourism Officer (Collabor8 Project) on 01874 620 490 or Fiona Walker, Chairman of the Llandovery & District Chamber of Commerce on 07974 434 991



Nick Stewart is a current student at the ICRT

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