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Responsible Tourism Developments July 2019

July 1, 2019
Harold Goodwin
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  1. World Responsible Tourism & Latin American Awards
  2. Aviation and Climate Change
  3. WTM, London November 4-6 - programme
  4. Overtourism - Italian cities take action
  5. Inclusive and Pro-Poor Tourism
  6. Consumer Education, Responsible Tourism resources required
  7. Airbnb - regulation
  8. One Planet Network
  9. Plastic: Going Beyond Straws
  10. Cuba - Americans can still travel there
  1. World Responsible Tourism Awards and Latin American Awards
    Entries for the prestigious World Responsible Tourism Awards close on 31st July - the judges can only award from amongst those that apply if you want to be amongst the winners at WTM London on November 6th, or if you know businesses, destination or organisation which should be recognised apply or nominate here.
    Best for Wildlife & Nature Conservation
    Best for Reducing Carbon & Other Greenhouse Gases
    Best for Transparent Reporting
    Best for Reducing Plastic Waste
    Best for Coping with Success at Crowded Sites
    Best for Benefiting Local People
    All categories apply or nominate here.

    The WTM Latin America Responsible Tourism Awards have just been announced
    Best for Poverty Reduction and Inclusion
    Best Contribution to Wildlife Conservation
    Best Cultural Heritage Attraction
    Best Destination for Responsible Tourism
    Enter here

2. Aviation and Climate Change
Images of Huskies running on water, melted water on top of the ice went viral this month. There is mounting awareness of global warming. BP calculates that global demand for energy grew by 2.9% last year – the biggest rise since 2010 – and that a significant factor in this was the number of much colder and hotter days than normal, which led to a greater use of air conditioners, fans and heaters,  carbon emissions rose by 2% – faster than in any year since 2011, and roughly the carbon equivalent of having 400 million more cars on the roads. Spencer Dale, the company’s chief economist, warned of a “worrying vicious cycle: increasing levels of carbon emissions leading to more extreme weather patterns, which in turn trigger stronger growth in energy and carbon emissions”.  More

Professor Kevin Anderson has pointed out that " The scale of anticipated aviation emissions is such that this single sector will consume around one-third of the UK’s Paris-compliant carbon budget, putting still further mitigation pressures on schools, hospitals and businesses to compensate for this privileged sector.” And it is not just aviation
Sustainable transport group Transport & Environment reveals that Carnival Corporation, the world’s largest luxury cruise operator, emitted nearly 10 times more sulphur oxide (SOX) around European coasts than did all 260 million European cars in 2017. More

There was some good news in June, New York City has declared a climate emergency. EU finance ministers are pushing for a new environmental tax on flying.

3. WTM, London November 4-6 - programme
At WTM the Responsible Tourism agenda is shifting its focus, we shall continue to raise the issues, but we shall focus more on the solutions. So in November at WTM London, we shall have a panel looking at the best practices in reporting on the issues businesses are taking responsibility for and the impact of their efforts. We shall have three case studies showcasing best practice in managing crowded sites to protect the heritage and ensure a good visitor experience. We are looking too at solutions to the challenges of visitor and water security. More on November's programme.

The child protection agenda has moved on. Although there is still a great deal of work to be done to drive out child abuse and trafficking, our focus this year is on the practical alternatives, for the tourism sector, to working with orphanages. While there are laggards still risking, encouraging and supporting child trafficking and the abuse of children through their support of orphanages through visits, all responsible businesses are looking for responsible alternatives. Holidaymakers and volunteers are drawn to support children – how can we best enable them to realise their moral imperative? We’ll have some answers at WTM London in November. Alternative Care Thailand is offering alternatives to orphanages.

4. Over Tourism - Italian cities take action
In Venice, the MSC Opera cruise ship rammed the dock and a tourist riverboat on June 2nd More

Italy's transport minister responded by saying that cruise ships should no longer be allowed to pass down the Giudecca. More and More


In Rome, new regulations have been introduced restricting pub crawls, alcohol consumption and bathing in certain public areas. Sanctions include fines, as well as the individual being banned from areas for up to 48 hours, known as the application of the “Daspo Urbano”. Rome’s Mayor, Virginia Raggi, released a Facebook post saying the changes would “ensure greater safety for citizens and tourists who live in the city at night.” more

5. Inclusive and Pro-Poor Tourism
The Kerala Responsible Tourism Network has launched a website offering a wide variety of indigenous handicrafts, souvenirs, traditional attires, home décor, jewellery etc. that reflects the identity of Kerala enabling people to buy online. The offer includes perishable food products which can be delivered in parts of Kerala. More 800 coconut thatch-making units registered under the State’s Responsible Tourism (RT) Mission are on track to sell 2,00,000 lakhs at Rp 14 each, significant income for largely rural women in the backwaters.
Supported by the World Bank, Uttar Pradesh has launched a creative economies programme to provides opportunities for young local entrepreneurs working in traditional and contemporary industries around tourism-rich areas to use their talents for commercial pursuits.More

6. Consumer Education, Responsible Tourism resources required
It can be surprisingly difficult for consumers to get reliable information about how to travel responsibly. At WTM London in November we shall launch an online directory of resources - if you have reources you would like us to connect to or if you have resources you would like to contribute then pleases get in touch. harold@haroldgoodwin.info

7. Airbnb
Ten European cities - Amsterdam, Barcelona, ​​Berlin, Bordeaux, Brussels, Krakow, Munich, Paris, Valencia and Vienna - have written to the European Commission demanding more help in countering the negative impacts of holiday rental platforms like Airbnb. The European Court of Justice recently ruled in a non-binding opinion that Airbnb is a digital platform rather than a real estate agent. If the opinion stands then the platforms would be relieved of any responsibility to ensure that landlords comply with local rules aimed at regulating holiday lets. More

Airbnb has launched “Airbnb Luxe”, with a portfolio of 2,000 upmarket rentals worldwide. Research by Inside Airbnb, suggests that in Ireland around 4,978 ‘entire homes’ on the platform appear to have been rented out for more than 90 days – a good indicator that the host is not living in the property and one that will be used in the new legislation to label such a let as a commercial venture. More From July 1st only properties with planning permission will be legally available for short term lets, penalties up to a €5,000 fine or six months jail. More

8. One Planet Network
The One Planet Network has published its annual magazine with examples of initiatives making real progress towards sustainable consumption and production. They showcase an initiative to reduce food waste in Seychelles and My Green Butler which "provides an integrated digital sustainable hospitality management system which persuades guests to reduce waste through an enjoyable, interactive process that simultaneously increases customer satisfaction. The initiative provides training for hospitality staff to improve guest engagement by empowering them to save resources with the help of customized data and innovative technology." More

9. Plastic: Going Beyond Straws

The problem is not plastic, the problem is waste plastic.  At this year’s WTM London in November, we are keen to showcase a range of practical solutions for reducing plastic waste. We are keen to have low, intermediate and high-tech examples to show, we want to encourage the use of the emerging technologies and share good practice. If you have suggestions, please email harold@haroldgoodwin.info

10. Cuba - Americans can still travel there

Conde Nast Traveller has published advice for Americans about how to plan a "Support for the Cuban People" trip in the wake of the US government banning cruise ships and "people to people" tour groups. US citizens can still travel if they stay in privately owned homes (casa particulares) rather than government-owned hotels, visiting Cuban-owned businesses, and having a “full schedule” of activities that put travellers in contact with locals.  More

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