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Responsible Tourism Developments March 2019

March 30, 2019
Harold Goodwin
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  1. World Responsible Tourism Awards Open
  2. WTM Africa
  3. Greenhouse Gas Emission cause Toxic Air
  4. EasyJet lowest carbon emissions airline
  5. WTM Latin America
  6. TUI have launched Plastic Reduction Guidelines for Hotels
  7. Arabian Travel Mart
  8. Cultural Responses to Overtourism in Europe
  9. The Invisible Burden
  10. WTM Responsible Tourism Linked In Page

1.World Responsible Tourism Awards Open
The 2019 World Responsible Tourism Awards open on April 2nd, the categories were announced this month. The judges can only choose from amongst those that apply. So if you know travel and tourism businesses, destinations and organisations who you think could win please encourage them to apply and offer to provide a reference.

This year we are looking for

  • innovative examples of tourism businesses that have made a demonstrable and significant difference locally to Wildlife and Nature Conservation, initiatives which we hope will inspire and encourage others.
  • examples of initiatives which have developed practical means of reducing Carbon and other Greenhouse Gas Emissions in any part of the tourism industry.
  • in Benefiting Local People: we are looking for those making particular efforts to benefit neighbouring communities, by providing social, economic or environmental benefits to the community, through training and progression or working with local people to create a local supply of goods or services for purchase by the tourism business or tourists. 
  • examples of Transparent Reporting:  businesses and certification schemes where the impact of the initiatives taken to reduce negative and increase positive impacts are communicated to guests, travellers and stakeholders.
  • innovative examples of initiatives which have Reduced Plastic Waste and which can be applied in the tourism sector by reducing the use of single-use plastics within a destination.
  • Best for Coping with Success, (aka  Overtourism) we are looking for examples of attractions and sites where management interventions have reduced the negative impacts on the site and neighbouring communities and improved the visitor experience.

To apply or nominate go to link

2. WTM Africa
In Cape Town at WTM Africa, there are sessions on wildlife conservation and decarbonisation of travel and tourism and four sessions on the business cases for RT. Previous Award winners and those who have won this year will be talking about why they take responsibility, about why it makes business sense for them and about the impacts of the initiatives they take; impacts on their bottom line and on people and places. The WTM Africa Responsible Tourism Awards are presented on Wednesday 10th April, more
Meet at the Responsible Tourism stand G18

The Radisson Park Inn in Cape Town has a unique solar technology which combines generation of thermal energy with the photovoltaic generation of electricity which produces one of the highest energy yields ever measured. When compared to traditional solar panels, it produces both electricity and hot water output up to 70°C and delivers three times more energy on the same surface area. As part of the Responsible Tourism programme at WTM Africa, there is an opportunity to see this technology in action. link

3. Greenhouse Gas Emission cause Toxic Air
Cities around the world are grappling with air pollution but Ulambatur the capital of Mongolia is suffering from some of the worst. Toxic air kills. more

As we reported last month climate strikes are spreading around the world as school children become increasingly aware of climate change and fearful of the consequences. more

4. EasyJet lowest carbon emissions airline
The London School of Economics has produced a report backed by a group of institutional investors, the Environment Agency Pension Fund, on aircraft emissions. EasyJet's aircraft are expected to be emitting 75g of CO2 per passenger km by 2020, compared with 172g for Korean Air. International Airlines Group (IAG), which includes British Airways, is expected to emit 112g. The report suggests that by 2020 its emissions per passenger kilometre will be less than half that of some rivals. more

5. WTM Latin America
At WTM Latin America they will be launching the Responsible Tourism Awards part of the family or World Responsible Tourism Awards and operating with the same rigour and standards. There is a panel addressing the next developments in certification, more transparency in Certification Plus? The third panel focuses on how the industry can reduce its reliance on carbon and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

6. TUI have launched Plastic Reduction Guidelines for Hotels
The guidelines explain the different kinds of plastic, what needs to be done in different departments, identifies best practice, gives guidance on managing plastic using the 4Rs and a useful guide to references and further reading. more

7. Arabian Travel Mart
This year there are three Responsible Tourism panels on How can Travel and Tourism best reduce the carbon emissions of our industry?
Raising Awareness of Sustainability and we ask if Tourism Broadens the Mind: Can We Do More?

8. Cultural Responses to Overtourism in Europe
Dr Guillem Colom-Montero and Professor Ulrike Zitzlsperger at the University of Exeter are organising a workshop on 18th June focused on the creative literary, cinematic and artistic responses to overtourism. Details

9. The Invisible Burden
The Travel Foundation has commissioned a report with an infographic listing some of the kinds of pollution which can be caused by tourism: energy & greenhouse gases, water, sewage and solid waste, biodiversity and the local economy. more

10. WTM Responsible Tourism Linked in Page
World Travel Market has launched a LinkedIn Responsible Tourism page - use it if you find it useful. Link


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