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Responsible Tourism News – April 2015

April 11, 2015
Harold Goodwin
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 Professional Masters in Responsible Tourism

Responsible Tourism News is a newsletter of record carrying the 10 most important Responsible Tourism stories of the month. Please forward to those you think may be interested – you can subscribe  here. If you wish to contribute a story email harold@haroldgoodwin.info or post it on our RTNews Facebook page.

1.World Responsible Tourism Awards

Time to Act! Nominations for the World Responsible Tourism Awards presented at World Travel Market close on April  20th.  Nominate here

The Irish Responsible Tourism Awards are part of the family of Awards which use the same criteria and judging processes as those used in the World Responsible Tourism Awards, this year’s Gold and Silver award winners demonstrated the quality of the Irish experience. Results

The Africa Responsible Tourism Awards long list published here.

2. TUI: Why Responsible Tourism Matters

Garry Wilson, Mainstream Product & Purchasing Director at TUI Group, explains why responsible tourism matters to TUI and tourism development in Calvia, Mallorca. Video

3. RTD11 Opens in Cape Town alongside WTM Africa

Councillor Roxanne Hoorn, Mayor of Cape Town will open the 11th International Conference on Responsible Tourism in Destinations at the Cape Town International Conference Centre on 14th April - international speakers include Matthias Leisenger VP Corporate Responsibility, Kuoni; Tim Williamson of responsibletravel.com; Adama Bah ICRT West Africa. The conference over two days is co-located with WTM Africa and is focused on how producers can best implement Responsible Tourism practices and benefit local communities.

Garry Wilson, Mainstream Product & Purchasing Director, for the TUI Group argues in an interview specially recorded, for Cape Town and Africa, that Responsible Tourism is now core, mainstream business for TUI. Video

4. Achieving Change Through Responsible Tourism

The theme of RTD9, the 9th International Conference on Responsible  in Dublin was achieving change, which was explored through themes based around communities, destinations, transport, business and Responsible Tourism in practice. There were some excellent presentations and some great examples of RT in practise. Videos of the presentations are on line here.

5. Kerala first data on the Local Economic Impact of Responsible Tourism

Rupesh Kumar of the Kerala Institute of Tourism and Travel Studies has provided some data on the Village Life Experiences which have been developed as part of Kerala's RT strategy.  Details

6. The Living Wage is an Issue in the UK election campaign

Potential future Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson said to the Evening Standard: “I think it is madness that we have big corporations that pay chief executes huge sums of money, and their lowest paid workers are subsidised by the tax payer. These companies can afford to pay the living wage.” The election in the UK has brought the issue of zero hours contracts and the casualization of work to the fore, with particular concerns about asymmetrical zero hours contracts where the workers are unable to take other work, but the employer is not required to find them 35 hours. The employer gains a flexible labour supply, the workers get a low and unstable wage and is subsidised through the welfare system by taxpayers.  The taxpayer is again subsidising the employer. This will increasingly challenge some employers in the tourism sector' Read more

7. Latest edition of Progress in Responsible Tourism published

Latest edition contains articles on the 2013 World Responsible Tourism Awards, child protection and orphanages, township tourism and a range of views on the England's WiseGrowth strategy.

Progress in Responsible Tourism in published open source

8. Berlin: Pantomime Artists and  the Division of Misappropriated Apartments

There is growing resentment in Berlin about the hordes of  partying tourists, noisy and some of them lewd. From May Berlin will be using pantomime artists to roam the streets of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg acting out a call for common courtesy and consideration, accompanied by trained mediators on hand to explain - if need be - what it’s all about and why the people who live in areas popular with tourists deserve to be shown some respect. more

12 million tourists visited Berlin in 2014, it is estimated that there are 18,000 vacation rentals the Division of Misappropriated Apartments in the city council is enforcing the ban on unregistered vacation rentals, a ban introduced to tackle gentrification and to maintain a housing stock for local people.  read more

9. Fair Booking

In the UK Cumbria, the New Forest, the Lake District and Cornwall are encouraging tourism  businesses  to join "a revolution in ethical direct bookings." Fairbooking UK has been founded by the New Forest Destination Partnership, Cumbria Tourism & Visit Cornwall. They are a co-operative partnership of UK visitor destinations. The aim of the partnership is to create the best possible range of local visitor experiences at the best possible price direct to consumers, and that all of the financial benefits go towards supporting local economies, their environments, residents and businesses.

10. Iceland

There are several sessions on RT at the 24th Nordic Symposium of Tourism and Hospitality Research to be held in Iceland in October. The deadline for  for submitting paper abstracts is May 1st 2015.


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