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Responsible Tourism News April 2016

April 24, 2016
Harold Goodwin
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  1. World Responsible Tourism Awards – applications close May 8th
    With only five categories this year and an overall winner, the Gold and Silver winners will receive a good deal more profile. Nominations close
  1. RTD12 during the White Nights in Jyväskylä, Finland 8 – 10 June 2016
    This year’s theme is Four Seasons and Responsibility. The strong seasonality of tourism is one of the challenging aspects needing solutions. Can seasons be extended responsibly? How to make each season attractive in a responsible way? What do different dimensions of responsibility mean in practice within four seasons in nature? Key notes include Professors Goodwin, Hall & Swarbrooke. Details
  2. Responsible Tourism at Arabian Travel Market
    There are three sessions on Responsible Tourism at ATM this year, all on Tuesday 26th

    • Coping with success, the sustainability challenge in the region
    • Environmental leadership in the Middle East
    • Masterclass on using Responsible Tourism for market advantage and increased revenues Programme details
  3. Summer School and Responsible Tourism Conference in Finland June 2061
    Four Seasons in Responsible Tourism in Jyväskylä 6 – 10 June 2016! sustainability and responsibility in tourism and hospitality, combine hands-on skills with a strong theoretical knowledge base, work on a practical lake tourism case study in multicultural groups, participate in an international conference and present your case study results there, build your networks: 5 ECTS.
  4. Irish Responsible Tourism Awards 2016 Nominations close 22 May 2016
    Details   Nominate here

    • Best Destination
    • Best for Accessible/Inclusive tourism
    • Best for Natural Heritage Tourism
    • Best Local Authority Initiative for Responsible Tourism
    • Best Tourism Accommodation for Local Sourcing
    • Best Innovation in Responsible Tourism
  5. Reputational Risk – Sea World, captive lions, and paedophilia
    SeaWorld has announced that it is ending its Orca breeding programme. The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) worked with SeaWorld on its new policies and said the announcement signalled "that the era of captive display of orcas will end". Campaigning by many groups in different source markets and the film Blackfish released in 2013 resulted in the share value halving. Tourism businesses need to manage their risk around paedophilia and canned lions, real damage to reputation and brand value can result if businesses do not take all reasonable steps to avoid facilitating paedophilia or selling experiences linked with canned lion hunting. More
  6. Responsible Tourism in India
    Outlook India have published an excellent report on the Responsible Tourism Conference held in Delhi in December last year.
  7. Responsible Tourism at WTM Africa – Programme and Awards
    The presentations made at WTM Africa and the African Responsible Tourism Awards winners can be found online
  8. ICRT Russia
    The network of ICRT centres around the world continues to grow, the latest group to join is in Russia. They will be attending RTD12 in Finland
  9. ‘White Savior Barbie’ Hilariously Parodies Volunteer Selfies In Africa
    Barbie Savior is poking fun at people who suffer from the “White Savior Complex.” If you’re unfamiliar, the term is used to describe the white Westerners who travel to third world countries and make the entire affair an exercise in self-congratulatory #sacrifice. Link



There is an opportunity to join the Sustainability Team at TUI, providing maternity cover. Link

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