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Responsible Tourism News February 2014 - RTD8 special

February 2, 2014
Harold Goodwin
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Professional Masters in Responsible Tourism

At last the International Conference on Responsible Tourism in Destinations comes to the UK, to Manchester 3-5 April 2014. We are looking at a number of hosts for 2015, in Africa and Asia, the conference is unlikely to be back in the UK in the next five years.

Full details are on the conference website which is being regularly updated as more speakers confirm. The most up to date details can be found online at www.crtmmu.org/rtd8/

Wednesday 2nd April pre-conference opportunity to visit ManchesterCentral and ask about its ground breaking work on sustainability

Thursday 3rd April we are partnering with VistEngland to organise their English Tourism Week Conference and asking some searching questions about the future of destination management. It will be a lively day.

This is followed by Harold Goodwin's inaugural lecture at MMU - what does taking responsibility for tourism mean, what is the RT agenda for the next five years and how does what we have learnt over the last 15 years apply to other sectors - this is part of Responsible Business Week

Friday 4th April Taking Responsibility, Achieving Change
How do we get agreement about the issue, how do we get people to agree that there is a problem to addressed? Then how do we get agreement about a solution, about the action which needs to be taken. Finally how do we ensure that enough people engage to make a difference - how do we achieve action and report progress. We'll answer these questions by looking at examples of tackling carbon and climate change, local economic development and human rights .

There will be an informal social on the Friday night to celebrate what's been achieved over the last 15 years.

Saturday 5th April after all previous conferences, and this is the 8th, people have lamented our failure to provide an opportunity for practitioners and activists to meet and network in small groups, to share ideas, start new initiatives and make a difference - this year we are creating that opportunity ... use it.!

If you would like to speak or if you have something you'd like pursue on the Saturday contact
Harold Goodwin


Come along and join us www.crtmmu.org/rtd8/

The next edition of Responsible Tourism News will come towards the end of January – send items for inclusion to Harold Goodwin or caroline@rtp.tfxweb.com

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