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Responsible Tourism News July 2014

July 1, 2014
Harold Goodwin
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Professional Masters in Responsible Tourism

WTM Responsible Tourism Programme Announced

WTM has just announced the Responsible Tourism Programme for WTM London in November, for the first time it is taking place over all four days. 15 sessions of discussions about issues ranging from partnerships for better tourism in destinations, through local economic development, social inclusion, wildlife conservation, animal welfare, employment conditions and more. It is a broad agenda – but it is all focused on making tourism better for local people and tourism, for hosts and their guests. More

RTD9 will be in Dublin in March 2015

The 9th International Conference on Responsible Tourism in Destinations will be held on the 11th March 2015 at the Radisson Blu Hotel on Golden Lane in Dublin. Save the date. Further details shortly. ICRT Ireland

Child protection to be debated at World Travel Market

We are going to be discussing what the outbound industry can do to take responsibility for children neglected by the pool or abused by their parents whilst away from home. We’ll ask what advice should the industry give about child beggars and how to respond to them in the street. We’ll question whether or not tourists should be visiting orphanages. And we will be addressing paedophilia, which the industry sometimes unwittingly facilitates. We’ll be asking Elise Allart of TUI Benelux about the campaign she headed working with the Dutch Border Police to encourage travellers to look out for and report child trafficking and the sexual exploitation of children. More

Lawyers file landmark claim for child victims against abuser’s employer

ECPAT UK has documented numerous cases detailing how British nationals exploit charitable activities in schools and orphanages in developing countries to access and sexually abuse children. Law firm Leigh Day has claimed that a British Airways pilot played a key role in administering donations to schools and orphanages on behalf of British Airways and that British Airways should be liable for abuses against children carried out by their British pilot during stopovers in East Africa.More

Welsh Government puts people at the heart of sustainability

Perhaps the crucial challenge for environmentalists is to put people at the heart of their work. The Welsh Government has done just that. Earlier this month the Welsh Government introduced a Bill to ensure the sustainable development of Wales, they put the Welsh people at the heart of it. The Well-being of Future Generations Bill has people-centred objectives: a prosperous; resilient; healthier; more equal Wales; with cohesive communities; and a vibrant culture and thriving Welsh language. Wisely the Welsh Government is defining the long term development path for Wales in human terms, promoting the economic, social and environmental wellbeing and enhancing people’s quality of life in Wales. What will this mean for tourism in Wales?  More

The Wales we want

RTNews on Facebook

If you have a news item you’d like to share post on the RTNews Facebook page for immediate distribution – but please no advertising. There are recent stories there on possible legislative action in the USA on cruise lines and child protection workers calling for end to ‘orphanage tourism’ in Cambodia. Link

Have you had a bad Volunteer experience?

Seb Drobse writes “Do you know any irresponsible Volunteer company/Organization? If yes, HERE you can bring attention to your experience. Vote for a Volunteer company or Organization you would not recommend to others and let us know why! Please share the survey, we need to bring attention to the companies that use volunteers and poverty to make big business!” Link

Best online places to discuss issues related to responsible tourism

In addition to the panels, debates and round tables which WTM is now offering on Responsible Tourism at its events in London, Cape Town and Sao Paulo the WTM Responsible Tourism website now hosts a list of some of the best online sites to discuss and debate Responsible Tourism year round.  Link

Second Catalan Responsible Tourism Awards

The 2nd Catalan Responsible Tourism Awards are inspired by the World Responsible Tourism Awards, to apply them locally and recognize responsible tourism practices in the region. Nominations close 15th September (this year the form is only in Catalan) but international nominations are welcomed through the easy nomination form.

Aquest 2014, se celebra la segona edició dels Premis de Turisme Responsable de Catalunya, uns guardons que distingeixen les bones pràctiques de la indústria turística catalana. L'objectiu és promocionar aquella gestió turística que redueix l’impacte negatiu i augmenta els beneficis, no només per a l’empresa, sinó també per a la comunitat local, el medi ambient i els turistes. Vols participar-hi? És molt fàcil tens fins el 15 de setembre, a través de la web aquí."

Time to register as a supporter of WTM’s World Responsible Tourism Day

The Responsible Tourism Programme at WTM in London in November attracts 2,000 participants – it is the world’s biggest Responsible Tourism event. It is time to register your support, apply for the logo and get noticed for what you are doing, through tourism, to make the world a better place. More

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