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Responsible Tourism News July/August 2016

August 23, 2016
Harold Goodwin
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1. World Responsible Tourism Awards Shortlist

The shortlist of finalists for the 2016 World Responsible Tourism Awards has been announced. We have reduced the number of Awards categories  to five so that there is time for the winners to be interviewed on stage and for the audience to hear from them about what they have done and why. The Awards will be presented WTM on World Responsible Tourism Day on Tuesday 8th November.

Dr Dilys Roe, a principal researcher at the sustainable development think-tank the International Institute for Environment and Development joined the judging panel this year bringing expertise in biodiversity and pro-poor conservation. With a background in tourism research stretching 20+ years she is uniquely placed to observe how far responsible tourism has come over the last two decades.

“I haven’t worked in tourism specifically since the early 2000’s - focussing on conservation instead. Coming back into it now I am surprised and impressed by how far things in responsible tourism have really moved on.

“Here we are, a mainstream awards at a mainstream travel trade event and we have amazing applicants who aren’t even in the running, whereas 16 years ago it was difficult to make anything happen in sustainable tourism. This is a real leap forward”.

The short list is here 

2. 10/20 Years of Responsible Tourism at WTM and in South Africa

In 2007, World Travel Market London rebranded its Environmental Awareness Day to World Responsible Tourism Day (WRTD), broadening the agenda of the day’s programme. WRTD is now the largest day of responsible tourism action in the world, which will take place at WTM London on Tuesday 8 November.

This year, WTM WRTD will commemorate two key anniversaries: 20 years of Responsible Tourism in South Africa and 10 years of World Responsible Tourism Days more

3. The Responsible Tourism Programme at WTM London 7-9 November
Details of the panels and other Responsible Tourism events at WTM are now up on the WTM website. We are looking back over the last 20 years and looking forward and this year Responsible Tourism Practitioners are in the hot seat being quizzed by Aaron Heslehurst in the roundtable interview. more

This year we are building on our success last year in engaging a wide range of people in conversations on the Responsible Tourism stand. On the show floor and with a TV monitor available for video and pictures that sessions can be more intimate and far more participative. The idea is to get the host(s) to get a conversation going, no set piece presentations – no death by PowerPoint – some video, some storytelling, images, conversation, controversy; a real chance to forge new business relationships, to inspire, educate and challenge. Want to take part? More

4. Visitor character strengths can encourage pro-environmental behaviour and make better tourism experiences.

Research study examines if the application of character strengths can help shift us from a problem-based approach of inaction to a solution based approach to encourage pro-environmental behaviour. We all have character strengths (like curiosity, citizenship, self-control), they help define who we are and what we value. Findings suggest that tourism could, through deliberately designed co-created experiences, engage with visitors to apply their character strengths and take pro-environmental action. With subsequent increased visitor satisfaction as they enjoy the experience. We report character strengths most dominant in pro-environmental attitudes and suggest how these might be structured for experience development. more

5. Angkor Wat enforces strict dress code after spate of nude photography
Travellers with uncovered knees or shoulders will be asked to cover up before entering the site, after last year’s spate of nude photography at temples caused outrage across the country. more

6. Looks as though our Earth will warm by more the 1.5C
Leading climate scientists have warned that the Earth is perilously close to breaking through a 1.5C upper limit for global warming, only eight months after the target was set. Figures – based on Met Office data – prepared by meteorologist Ed Hawkins of Reading University show that average global temperatures were already more than 1C above pre-industrial levels for every month except one over the past year and peaked at +1.38C in February and March.    More

7. Earth Overshoot Day Arrives Earlier Than Ever

August 8 is Earth Overshoot Day 2016, marking the day when humanity has exhausted Earth’s budget for this year. It comes earlier every year - an indicaotr of the extend we are exceeding the limits of out finite Earth. We are living beyond out means.  More

8. Why the SDGs Matter
Malcolm Preston, global sustainability leader at PwC,  speaks outs about why the SDGs matter aligning business strategy with the SDGs was not just about reducing risk, but also about achieving competitive advantage. more

9. Good News for Africa

Steady growth in tourism arrivals and hotel building expected in sub-Saharan  Africa. more 

10. How not to write about a Gap Year
Western writer sparks social media storm over book outlining her experiences of war, spiders and ‘smiling children with HIV’ more

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