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Judges' Awards

The Judges' Awards are given by the judges of any of the World Responsible Tourism Awards where the business is recognised as outstanding. These awards are rare and are used to recognise businesses which achieve in multiple categories and have been previously recognised a number of times. To win in successive years businesses have to have achieved something new. Only a few businesses can therefore win multiple times - those businesses are outstanding.

To date only five Judges' Awards have been given. Three in Africa and two in India 

Two of the prestigious Judges' Awards have been presented to Jose Dominic of CGH Earth Hotels (on the left) and Rupesh Kumar of the Kerala Responsible Tourism Mission (on the right). This photograph was taken at the presentation of their Awards in Kumarakom, the village in Kerala where Responsible Tourism was tried, tested and developed.

CGH: Bobbin J & Goodwin H (2018) The Local Impacts of Coconut Lagoon in Kumarakom

RT Mission: Kumar, R., Bobbin, J., Goodwin, H. (2017) Tourism Impacts in Kumarakom, Kerala, India

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