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Responsible Tourism Award Winners for Karnataka, India


BuDa Folklore, Uttara Kannada region


IRTA 2020 Silver Winner, Best Tour Operator

Backed by over 40 years of field research, BuDa’s folklore tours explore folk living and its relevance in the modern world. It strives to highlight the fading aspects of symbiotic living between man and nature, leading conscientious culture travellers on eco-tours to highlight the turbulent transition that many native tribes and indigenous communities witness as they struggle to keep pace with modernity. BuDa Folklore currently works with five tribes along the seashore (Halakki), rivers (Gammokkalu and Gondasnd)  and in the forests (Kare Okkalu and Siddis).  BuDa Folklore organises the playing of kabaddi between the villagers and urbanites getting down in the dirt and mud together after the monsoon. Their urban travellers are exposed to villagers at a basic human level while villagers see the urbans at paly in a way they can relate to  This greeting, meeting and playing together of the urbans and the indigenous groups is now a tradition that brings much richness to the monsoon Mungaru Festival. The tours are facilitated by traditional quilters, basket weavers, boatmen,  storytellers, nature trailers, fishermen, drummers, dancers, epic singers, mat weavers, and traditional toolmakers.


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