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RT News: Latest Developments in Responsible Tourism 06/2022

June 5, 2022
Harold Goodwin
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1. The Global Responsible Tourism Awards - time to apply
2. The Travel Corporation has launched its first progress report on its Sustainability Strategy to 2025
3. Responsible Technology for Travel & Tourism 
4. RT Alumni Event in London 24th June 
5. The Business of Conservation: Tourism and Wildlife Conservation working with the African Leadership University
6. New data reveals climate change might be more rapid than predicted
7. Ch’illiwack in British Columbia is seeking to redesign its tourism 
8. Travalyst has launched a rating tool
9. The Sami Parliament in Finland has published a digital guide for Responsible tourism in Lapland
10. Miscellany 

The 2022 WTM Global  Responsible Tourism Awards are open for entries,  destinations and businesses can enter, and you can nominate others on the WTM global hub.  
The India Awards are open until 31 July and the Rest of the World category, open to all, is open until 31 August. The Gold winners in Africa, India, Latin America and the Rest of the World Awards are automatically entered into the Global Awards presented at WTM London in November. 

2022 RT Events
The 15th International Conference on Responsible Tourism takes place June 9-10   Advancing Responsible Tourism
24 June RT Masters Alumni Reunion in London
- see item 3 below


The Institute of Government & Public Policy has been leading diversity and LGBTQ+ conferences in the United Kingdom… This year's National Advancing LGBTQ+ at Work Event 2022 | IGPP event…….. If you would like tickets to attend please use the discount code RTP25



1. The Global Responsible Tourism Awards - time to apply
Please consider whether you or one or more of your business partners should apply
The 2022 WTM World Responsible Tourism Awards are open
The India Awards close on July 31st presented in Bhopal in September
The Rest of the World Awards close on 31 August presented at WTM London in November.
The Gold winners in each region are automatically entered into the Global Awards presented at WTM London in November
Free to enter,
we look for tried and tested solutions that work for destinations and businesses, solutions that make better places for people to live in and better places for people to visit – in that order.
There are ten categories this year

1. Decarbonising Travel & Tourism,
2. Sustaining Employees and Communities through the Pandemic,
3. Destinations Building Back Better Post-COVID,
4. Increasing Diversity in Tourism: How inclusive is our industry?
5. Reducing Plastic Waste in the Environment
6. Growing the Local Economic Benefit
7. Access for the differently-abled as travellers, employees and holidaymakers.
8, Increasing tourism’s contribution to natural heritage and biodiversity
9. Conserving water and improving water security and supply for neighbours
10. Contributing to cultural heritage

If you know of businesses and destinations doing good work and taking responsibility, please nominate them and encourage them to apply. The Judges can only select from amongst those that apply.

2. The Travel Corporation has launched its first progress report on its Sustainability Strategy to 2025
The TreadRight Foundation's "mission is to ensure that travel has a positive impact on the planet we call home, the people and communities whose homes we visit, and the rich wildlife we find there." They have just launched their inaugural Impact Report covering the performance of their 30+ brands. Download a copy here

3. Responsible Technology for Travel & Tourism
The panel discussed the economic and environmental benefits of thermodynamic solar panel systems, single-use plastic reduction & using food waste for social good. The panel was moderated by Keith Bradley, Managing Partner, Globally. The panellists were Hugo Domingues, General Manager, Enernouva, Russell Impiazzi, Executive Chef, Sofitel Dubai, The Obelisk; and Samuel Horia Njoroge, Cluster Quality Assurance Manager, JA Resorts & Hotels. more      Video Link

4. RT Alumni Event in London 24th June
The Responsible TourismPartnership is sponsoring an Alumni Reunion on June 24th. Places are limited so be sure to book your place. The event is open to all those who have been students or teachers on the MScs in Responsible Tourism founded by Harold Goodwin at the Universities of Kent, Greenwich, Leeds Metropolitan and Manchester Metropolitan.  Book your place

5. The Business of Conservation: Tourism and Wildlife Conservation working with the African Leadership University
The School of Wildlife Conservation (SOWC) has been created as part of the African Leadership University to develop passionate people who can address the current failings of the wildlife conservation sector across much of the African continent. "We need to create a new cohort of exceptionally bright and passionate people who understand why conservation is important, who can think innovatively to create value from natural resources whilst building Africa’s natural capital, and who understand how business thinking can in fact contribute to long term sustainability and the transformation of conservation into a pillar of economic growth. We must provide these people with mentored “real life” opportunities to lead and learn by creating large networks of support and opportunity. In short, we must make conservation relevant and attractive in the context of modern Africa.  Video
Richard Vigne Executive Director at the School of Wildlife Conservation, African leadership University and formerly at Ol Pejeta will be on Zoom at 15:00 BST on  Tuesday, June 21st. If you wish to participate in the discussion please contact us.

6. New data reveals climate change might be more rapid than predicted
A team of scientists led by Dr Rei Chemke of Weizmann's Earth and Planetary Sciences Department has revealed a considerable intensification of winter storms in the Southern Hemisphere. .... Until now, climate models have projected a human-caused intensification of winter storms only toward the end of this century. In the new study, Chemke and his team compared climate model simulations with current storm observations. Their discovery was bleak: It became clear that storm intensification over recent decades has already reached levels projected to occur in the year 2080. more
Biofuels cannot meet the demand for aviation

It may be later than we think

7. Ch’illiwack in British Columbia is seeking to redesign its tourism

"We recognize that we live and work on the unceded territories of the Stó:lō Nation and recognize our duty to learn about the Stó:lō Nation, its history, culture, and practices so that we can be the best neighbours on this land and take the call to action for meaningful reconciliation in this country."
Tourism Chilliwack's Mission: "To promote awareness of Ch’illiwack as an iconic destination by growing Ch’illiwack’s tourism economy responsibly and sustainably through the development of collaborative relationships, encouraging environmental stewardship, and advancing the awareness of the Indigenous reconciliation plan as it relates to educating our community and visitors to discover, interact with and respect this heritage. With a strategy that embraces a commitment to diversity, equity, inclusivity and accessibility, our mission is to invite the world to experience Ch’illiwack."

As a leading tourism organization in British Columbia, we are championing change for the collective benefit of our shared communities by recognizing, respecting, and promoting Indigenous histories, cultures, traditions, and environmental stewardship.  more

8. Travalyst has launched a rating tool

"Prince Harry runs into Aotearoa New Zealand Trip Raters. How would your holiday rate you?" Jim Butcher is critical "Sensitivity to others’ cultures is no bad thing, of course. But the message from Travalyst – that tourists should ditch the holiday resort and instead ‘form an authentic connection to nature, people and culture’ among the Maori – is extraordinarily condescending. It treats Maori life as something akin to an artefact in a museum. And it denigrates the modern, wealth-creating culture that Westerners (including the Sussexes) have benefitted so handsomely from."more

9. The Sami Parliament in Finland has published a digital guide for Responsible tourism in Lapland
The digital guide with interactive cartoons by Sami artist Sunna Kitti allows site visitors to toggle back and forth between the dos and don’ts of travelling in the region, is based on the 2018 ethical guidelines for Sami tourism adopted by the Sami Parliament in Finland. The growing popularity of dog mushing trips (marketed as husky safaris) something that prompted complaints from Sami hunters, fishers and reindeer herders that their traditional activities were being interrupted by the activity. Culturally, the Sami community also became increasingly concerned about non-Indigenous travel operators offering ‘Sami activities’ that promoted racial stereotypes and misrepresented their culture, as well as being frequently photographed without their consent, including their children when alone. more

10. Miscellany
Why the World Needs Meaningful Tourism
by Wolfgang Georg Arlt is CEO of COTRI (China Outbound Tourism Research Institute) and director of the Meaningful Tourism Center.
“Meaningful Travel Campaign” helps preserve 35,000 big trees in Thailand
How a sustainable, destination-oriented tourism may do wonders for India, an opinion piece by Surjith Karthikeyan
Palau's 'good traveller' incentive a new programme called Ol'au Palau is offering a world-first initiative of "gamifying" responsible tourism, whereby travellers will be offered exclusive experiences based on how they treat the environment and culture, not on how much they spend.
Kerala Tourism’s first STREET project has been inaugurated in Maravanthuruthu, Kottayam. STREET – Sustainable, Tangible, Responsible, Experiential, Ethnic Tourism
How to give back while travelling, in the Reader's Digest 
CrowdRiff has published How DMOs can create an inclusive sustainability strategy

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