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RTD 15 Helsinki

The 15th International Conference on Responsible Tourism in Destinations will take place in Helsinki 6-7 June 2020.

Postponed due to corona virus

The RTD15 in Helsinki  is the first two days of the JAMK University of Applied Sciences Responsble Tourism, Summer School.

The conference is being organised by the ICRT Finland partnering with Visit Finland. Helsinki is one of the pilot destinations in the Sustainable Travel Finland initiative launched in September 2019 by Visit Finland. The initiative provides companies and destinations with a sustainable development process covering ecological, social, economic and cultural dimensions.

The conference will enable those taking part to assess the effectiveness of the Finnish approach to taking responsibility to achieve sustainability.

RTD15 will include a visit to Oodi Helsinki's new and revolutionary Central Library.
Oodi complements the cultural and media hub formed by Helsinki Music Centre, Finlandia Hall, Sanoma House and the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma. Oodi is a non-commercial, urban public space that is open to all, right opposite the Parliament Building.
Oodi provides its users with knowledge, new skills and stories, and is an easy place to access for learning, story immersion, work and relaxation. It is a library of a new era, a living and functional meeting place open for all.
Oodi is a venue for events, a house of reading and a diverse urban experience.

How can Oodi contribute to Responsible Tourism?

On Sunday evening delegates can return home or travel on to Jyvaskyla in the heart of Finnish Lakeland by rail to JAMK University of Applied Sciences

This summer school addresses the cutting edge issues in Responsible Tourism and the solutions; the summer school is led by Harold Goodwin Emeritus  Professor at Manchester Metropolitan University 

  • Overtourism
  • The threat of climate change and biodiversity loss
  • Greenhouse gas emissions and decarbonisation
  • Local economic development through tourism

The focus of the summer school will be on analysing the sustainability challenges, identifying and implementing solutions.

There will be an opportunity to travel further north to visit Lapland to experience the mid-night sun


Check back in February for further details and to register

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