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RTD 8 Day 2

Sponsored by TUI Travel

Sponsored by TUI Travel

RTD 8 Day 2 Taking Responsibility, Achieving Change

8th International Conference on Responsible Tourism: Day Two

Friday 4th April 09:30- 18:00
Venue: Manchester Metropolitan University, All Saints Manchester

During the day we shall address three topics and three challenges in order to learn more about how to encourage individuals and organisations to take responsibility and to achieve change across the triple bottom line of economic, social and environmental sustainability. In Manchester this year we want to explore what we can learn from a diverse range of initiatives taken by people seeking to take responsibility for tackling the issue and achieving change.

The topics for discussion at RTD8 are: carbon pollution and climate change; local economic development; human rights and social inclusion.

The programme is organised around three questions, each of them challenging. The session chairs are tasked to encourage discussion  amongst the panelists, to engage the audience in that discussion, and to sum up what they have learnt from the session about how the three stages of change can be accomplished. Each panel will have speakers with a focus on environment (carbon emissions and climate change); economy (local economic development) and society (human rights and social inclusion)

If we want to achieve change ..

First we have to reach agreement about what the problem is..
Second we have to secure consensus about a solution of solution…
Third we have to ensure that sufficient people take responsibility and respond to achieve the change required and there has to be some way of measuring and reporting progress.


Co-chairs Harold Goodwin and John Swarbrooke

09:30 Registration

10:00 Welcome & Opening
Harold Goodwin & John Swarbrooke co-chairs;
Simon Press (World Travel Market Senior Exhibition Director, Leisure Travel Portfolio) Link to Simon’s words.

Video of opening session and two keynotes link

10:15 Keynote: Professor Kevin Anderson, Tyndall Centre Manchester University  : Why is it so difficult to get people to act on climate change? ppt
10:35 Keynote: Professor Simon Robinson, Leeds Metropolitan, what can we learn about responsibility from the crises in banking and the health service? ppt
10:50 Q&A chaired by Harold Goodwin – your chance to question the keynotes

11:00-11:30  refreshments and networking

Video of the second session link

11:30 – 12:30 How do we get agreement on the issue and its cause? Chair Harold Goodwin
How do we establish that a problem exists and that the tourism sector needs to address it? What language can we most effectively use to ensure that key stakeholders recognise an issue and their responsibility to address it?

  • Andy Cooper Director of Government and External Affairs, Thomas Cook Group link
  • Paul Britton Marine Operations Manager – Thomson Cruises & Island Cruises link
  • Justin Francis ICRT & CEO responsibletravel.com www.haroldgoodwin.info/uploads/RTD8/Francis Issues.ppt link
  • Sallie Grayson & Kate Stefanko peopleandplaces.com link
  • Andreas Walmsley Associate Professor (Senior Lecturer) at Plymouth University link

12:30 Key note Elise Allart Manager Sustainable Tourism TUI Nederland, Taking Responsibility for Child Protection: what are the responsibilities of tour operators? Overall winner of the World Responsible Tourism Awards in 2013

12:45 Key note Adama Bah ICRT West Africa how tourism benefits the economically poor in The Gambia ppt

13:00-13:45 lunch and networking

13:45 How do we encourage responsible consumers?

14:00 Keynote: Nikki White, Head of Destinations and Sustainability, ABTA, Tourism and Social Inclusion

14:15 What processes can we effectively use to agree how to respond to the issue? Chair: John Swarbooke
If we have agreement about the problem how can we get agreement on the appropriate response and ensure that people respond and take the necessary action? How do we get them to make the changes necessary?

15:15 Parallel Sessions: What are the priorities for the next few years? What should be the Responsible Tourism Movement’s agenda? With presentations and discussions.

How to make UK domestic tourism more inclusive?
Thea Joldersma Scott. McCabe (Nottingham University)

Wildlife and Natural Heritage [Cavendish 2.03] Chair: Dr Martin Jones Programme Leader for MSc courses in Conservation Biology, Zoo Conservation Biology, Bird Conservation, Animal Behaviour, Conservation Genetics and Countryside Management and Visiting lecturer African College of Wildlife Management, Mweka, Tanzania
Abhishek Behl Wild Navigator Inspiring Journeys in Responsible Tourism
Mohammad Rafiq Director, The Long Run Initiative &  Zeitz Foundation link
Claudia Cortes WWF and Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras Coral Reefs and Tourism Impacts in MesoAmerica link
Alison White Consultant  Arcus Foundation – State of the Apes

16:15 Refreshments
16:45 How do we ensure and report progress? Chair: Jane Ashton, Director of Sustainable Development at TUI Travel PLC
How can we monitor progress in tackling the issue and ensure that the stakeholders are taking responsibility and are doing what they say they are doing? What is the role of monitoring and reporting and how can it most effectively be done?

17:30 Reflections on Responsible Tourism in Destinations – what did we learn yesterday

17:45 – 18:00 Closing

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