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Shtrumpf Salad Bar & Grill’s Go Green program manager Omar J. Sakr, looks where environmental management stands in the country’s 4 and 5 star hotels

June 20, 2011
Kerry K-C
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Hospitality and tourism management schools need to seriously introduce Responsible Hospitality Management in their programs and trainings, especially the courses related to Facilities Management and Sustainable Hospitality & Tourism Management.

“A proactive approach is necessary to overcome obstacles”

Lebanese hoteliers have the additional responsibility to educate and enhance awareness among their guests in order to help them become responsible tourists, not only within the hotel but also outside of it.

A proactive approach is therefore necessary to overcome the different obstacles that the hotel industry may face in implementing sound and responsible environmental practices.

Omar Sakr is an alumni of the Responsible Tourism Management Masters at Leeds Metropolitan University gogreen@shtrumpf.com

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