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Tech for RT

May 11, 2021
Harold Goodwin
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This page has been put together to collate and curate resources on Technology that assists the realisation of Responsible Tourism.


The Canary Islands initiative explained.

 SEAFUEL aims to use renewable resources across the Atlantic Area to power the local transport fleet and support the shift towards a low-carbon economy. The project will use the expertise and infrastructure of the partners in renewable energy, namely solar, wind and marine, to demonstrate the viability of hydrogen as a fuel to be used by the local transport authorities. Success of the project will promote a sustainable transport system that can be adopted by other Atlantic regions.

Logan Energy
"Logan Energy design, install, commission and maintain Integrated Energy Systems across the UK and Europe. Our clients are forward-thinking and understand the benefits Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Technologies can offer." Logan Energy


"The world's first digital video platform focussed on sustainability, innovation and happiness in the Middle East. By being the central hub for sustainability based video content on country-specific platforms, our goal is to inspire, educate and inform you about how destinations move towards a green economy for sustainable development."  website


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