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May 24, 2021
Harold Goodwin
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There is now a wide range of technology that can assist in achieving Responsible Tourism objectives, it extends well beyond the green agenda. The Responsible Tourism Partnership is extending its presentation of resources to support Responsible Tourism practices to include technology.

The Dubai Expo has much sustainability technology deployed within it
Dina Storey, Director - Sustainability Operations, Dubai Expo on Sustainable Technology at the Expo

Transparency & Reporting Dina Storey, Director - Sustainability Operations, Dubai Expo

Key Sustainability Achievements in 2019, Dina Storey, Director, Sustainability Operations, Dubai Expo

www.globallygreat.com Stefanie Schachtschabel a video platform for sharing sustainability innovations globally

SEAFUEL using sunlight to generate hydrogen fuel from seawater
In conversation with Bill Ireland, CEO of Logan Energy, about the potential of SEA Fuel

In conversation with Dr Pau Farras. Coordinator of the SEAFUEL based at NUI in Galway, Ireland

Engaging Staff and Consumers - is not just about the technology people use it.
Dr Chris Warren, My Green Butler on how to persuade guests to participate in creating a sustainable hospitality experience


Managing tourism and flows of tourists. 

Geotourist is a platform that can enable you to provide interpretation, disperse visitors away from honeypots, bring tourists to unknown places, celebrate local history and culture, wildlife and landscapes, and discover the studios of artists and artisan workshops. The only limits are your time and imagination. more

Check Barcelona Turisme de Barcelona, in collaboration with Barcelona’s City Hall, launched Check Barcelona. Barcelona has long marketed an extensive range of activities and experiences and encouraged tourists to explore Catalonia. This new app will enable visitors and residents alike to access real-time information about how busy the tourist sites are and the availability of tickets. The new app aims to prevent congestion at tourist sites and offer alternatives to visitors.  more

21 Sustainability Innovations That Might Just Change the World

Sustainable Hotel Supplies Greener Guest 

Carbon limiting technology 

Practical Action 

Globally Great 

Green Energy

The Mirpuri Foundatiom Good Bottle 100% biodegradable degradable 
Green thermoplastics
Change plastic for good
Retail Solutions
River Booms

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