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Temporary Residents

January 5, 2019
Harold Goodwin
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Laura Aalto, chief executive of Helsinki Marketing, says establishing a sense of “localhood” is key to a positive and often long-term relationship between a city and its visitors. “Nobody wants to be a tourist, everybody wants to be part-time locals,” she says. “Our job is to create the kind of circumstances, conditions and platforms for visitors who come to Helsinki to meet with the locals and not go to the most obvious attractions.”  Aalto says profiling has revealed that visitors who come to Helsinki to engage with a specific interest (“whether that be design, architecture, education or heavy metal music”) are those who will bring the most reward. “Those are the ones who will be our ambassadors for life, who are creating a relationship with the city and maybe come more and more often – they are the ones who are friends of Helsinki.”more

Helsinki: It’s the end of tourism as we know it. The era of “localhood” for everyone has begun. MyHelsinki is a tool local people can use to share tips about what to see and experience. An inspiring, personal, and social window into the best of Helsinki. All Helsinki city marketing is based on genuine recommendations. MyHelsinki lists are a way for locals to let the world know about their city. More

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