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Harold Goodwin

Harold Goodwin Professor of Responsible Tourism

Harold co-chaired the Cape Town Conference on Responsible Tourism in Destinations in 2002 and drafted the Declaration. Harold is Advisor to the World Travel Market on their World Responsible Tourism Day and works with companies and trade associations in the UK to develop policies and deliver change. He has chaired the panel of judges for the World Responsible Tourism Awards, since 2004,  and the Africa, India and Irish Awards which are part of the same family of Awards. He is chair of the successor global awards programme, the WTM Responsible Tourism Awards.

In 2001, he co-founded ResponsibleTravel.com although he is now no longer involved. He has worked with the industry, local and national government and communities in South Africa, The Gambia, Bhutan and Rwanda and a host of other places to develop and implement responsible tourism policies. Since 2002 Harold has co-chaired the series of conferences on Responsible Tourism in Destinations in Cape Town. Kerala, Belize, Oman, Canada, London, Brazil, Barcelona, Manchester, and in 2015 Dublin, Mallorca & Cape Town.

Harold Goodwin is the Managing Director of the Responsible Tourism Partnership

UNWTO Secretary-General Taleb Rifai on Harold Goodwin's contribution to Responsible Tourism

More information about Harold can be found at www.haroldgoodwin.info

Caroline Warburton

Caroline Warburton head of Wild Scotland

Caroline is a sustainable and nature tourism professional, with a broad range of experience in the public, private and voluntary sectors of the tourism industry.

Caroline has been Visit Scotland's Regional Leadership Director (East) since 2018. Regional Leadership Directors have responsibility for making the most of tourism opportunities as well as developing and strengthening partnerships within their region. They work in collaboration with local authorities, destination organisations and other key stakeholders.

Caroline was National Tourism Strategy Coordinator for the Scottish Tourism Alliance ( 2014-2018) where she was responsible for overseeing the delivery of Scotland's national tourism strategy, Tourism Scotland 2020. Through this role, she has extensive knowledge of all aspects of the sector from Government to the business level.

Caroline established and ran Wild Scotland, (2003-2013) Scotland’s nature and wildlife tourism association, which promotes and supports wildlife and nature tourism companies. Prior to setting up Wild Scotland Caroline worked for the Scottish Tourism and Environment Forum which was responsible for the development of the sustainable tourism agenda in Scotland, at policy and business levels.

Throughout her career, Caroline has also been involved in consultancy, training, representation and research. Most recently this has included assisting a South African tour operator to find suitable UK-based tour operators and developing a rural tourism course for local people in the villages of Transylvania in Romania.

She also has tour operating experience in South America and the UK and regularly advises on sustainable and wildlife tourism issues in Scotland. Other skills include economic impact studies, partnership building, SME business advice, eco-labels, sustainable tourism policy development, PR & marketing and event management and facilitation.




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