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Why apply for an RT Award?

Why are the awards special? Iain Harris of Coffeebeans Routes based in South Africa explains why they applied for an award and what it meant to them to win

From the outset the Responsible Tourism Awards sought to discover, recognise, and promote good practice examples in Responsible Tourism contributing to the development of solutions and replication. The awards validate good practice, providing replicable models of good practice from child protection and community benefits to greenhouse gas emissions and reductions in single-use plastics. The judges reasons are published along with details of winners and are available here along with more information about them.

These are now very prestigious awards; they are not easy to win. However, every year remarkable new examples of responsible businesses and destinations are ‘discovered’ and recognised through the Awards. Do not be daunted by the application questionnaire – see it rather as an opportunity to document what you are doing and the impact you are having and use the information you send us to communicate what you have achieved with your clients, suppliers, partners and neighbours.


Booking.com’s latest global research suggests that we have reached a “potential watershed moment for industry and consumers”. Their research shows that travellers and holidaymakers want to travel sustainably and look for businesses and destinations that take responsibility for providing them with those opportunities. 48% say they find it harder to make sustainable choices while on vacation than in their everyday life. We need to make it easier for them.  83% of global travellers think sustainable travel is vital. Almost half (49%) still believe that in 2021, there aren’t enough sustainable travel options available.

Being recognised in the WTM Global Responsible Tourism Awards is an important way of demonstrating that you are taking responsibility and creating sustainable travel and holiday experiences.

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