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Work Responsibly in Pakistan

January 4, 2017
Harold Goodwin
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A request from Najeeb Khan

I humbly request all the Domestic Pakistani Tour operators, Facebook tour operators
Work Responsibly:
It is simply not possible to advertise a 4 day trip from Lahore to Hunza, it is not possible if you follow the international travel rules, no matter the clients are corporate OR students, they need to be guided not misguided
Don’t drive at night time just to save money,
On the Karakorum Highway there is no 2nd chance, exhausted drivers behind the wheel, in the blink of an eye can take you down in the Indus River and disappear,
Please be more informative, adverts on your page must be clear and complete of services included name of the hotel, meals, menu and excursions
If you take security personals they are for security not for show-off, some are advertising as the retired SSG guards, the security personals need to be from a licensed security company along with licensed weapons and in normal shalwar kameez not in uniform
Uniform gives unnecessary visibility; people are travelling with you for holidays not to look like VIPs.
Respect the local culture and traditions,
A group of students from Punjab were in trouble in central Hunza while taking picture of ladies working in the field, luckily in the group there were female participants they intervened and apologized to the ladies, the issue settled before the local youth arrived.
You need to put your landline number, so in the case of emergency your office can be contacted
Please respect copyrights.
Najeeb Ahmed Khan CEO Himalayan Holidays (pvt) Ltd
Winner of The World Responsible Tourism Award WTM London

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