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WTM Africa 2015

May 4, 2015
Harold Goodwin
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WTM Africa 2015 Responsible Tourism Panels

Thursday 16 April 2015 12:30 13:15
Why Responsible Tourism Matters
Responsible Tourism has been at the heart of South Africa’s tourism policy since 1996 and it has contributed significantly to the growth or Responsible Tourism internationally following the Cape Town Conference on Responsible Tourism in Destinations. World Travel Market uses this definition for its programme now across four shows. Your panel, which includes two international Responsible Tourism award winners will talk about why Responsible Tourism matters and about why it makes business sense.

Chair: Harold Goodwin WTM Responsible Tourism Advisor

  1. Lean Tereblanche - Grootbos Foundation
  2. Julie Cheetham - Grootbos
  3. Paul Miedema Calabash Tours
  4. Lara Mostert - SAASA

Friday 17th April 2015 12:30-13:15
Resource Efficiency: Good for the Environment and the Bottom Line
Resource efficiency cuts costs and improves the bottom line, as well as being good for the environment. The panellists will share their experience of reducing the carbon and water intensity of their businesses and at the financial and environmental benefits of doing so.
Please focus on carbon emissions and water consumption - again there are good environmental reasons to reduce consumption of water and fossil fuels but there are cost savings too.
Chair: Harold Goodwin WTM Responsible Tourism Advisor

  1. Colin Devenish - V&A Waterfront
    Andre Harms - Hotel Verde

    Chris Godenir – Peninsula Hotel

Friday 17th April 2015 14:30-15:15
The Commercial Advantage: Authenticity and the Tourism Experience.
In many source markets there is an increasing premium being placed by consumers on EFM, experience for money. The quality of the tourism experience is central to maintaining the perceived value of a tour, attraction, destination, restaurant or accommodation. The experience provides an opportunity to gain a non-price competitive advantage in an increasingly competitive market place.
Here we’d like to focus on the quality of the experience offered, the link with authenticity and the commercial advantage of not competing only on price
Chair: Heidi van der Watt WTM Responsible Tourism Advisor

  1. Adama Bah - Association of Small Scale Enterprises in Tourism, The Gambia
  2. Ian Harris - Coffeebeans Routes, Cape Town
  3. Harold Goodwin - WTM Responsible Tourism Advisor
  4. Enver Duminy – Cape Town Tourism



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