WTM Africa 2020

This year Monday 6th April will be Africa Responsible Tourism Day. There will be a full day of Responsible Tourism panels in the Inspire Theatre. Our focus across the four WTM trade shows this year is on climate change and its consequences. But there are a host of other issues for local communities which tourism can address. Responsible Tourism is about making better places for people to live in and better places for people to visit.

The WTM Responsible Tourism programme now extends over all four shows, Africa, Arabia, Latin America and WTM London and programme is organised by Harold Goodwin, WTM’s Responsible Tourism Advisor. He regularly blogs for WTM

WTM Means Responsible Business
We seek to educate, inform and challenge – we aspire to identify issues and promote solutions presented by practitioners

Monday 6th April
Africa Responsible Tourism Day 10:30-16:15

  1. Rewilding – what is tourism’s contribution to ensuring the maintenance of our world’s biodiversity?
  2. How can the industry best cooperate with national parks to contribute to conservation and ensure community benefits?
  3. Decarbonising Travel and Tourism: is the industry doing enough?
  4. What can the industry do to promote animal welfare in the wild and in captivity?
  5. Responsible Tourism requires transparency – how can we communicate what we are achieving to our consumers and trade partners? What can we learn from other sectors?

Africa Responsible Tourism Awards Presentations
Details of the 2020 Awards are here 

For details of this year’s Awards go here

Tuesday 7th April
Meet the Responsible Tourism Winners

On Tuesday 7th on the Big Idea Stage, there will be an opportunity to meet the winners of the 2020 Africa Responsible Tourism Awards.  [60 mins]

Wednesday 8th April
Creating Shared Value and Thriving Communities
On Wednesday 8th, on the Big Idea Stage, we plan to look at the many ways in which the sector can create shared value by working with local communities and SMMEs to increase the quantity of goods and services purchased locally and at what businesses can do to help develop more local activities, attractions, goods and services to generate thriving communities.     [90 mins]

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