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Monday 3rd November 2014

Travel Tech Theatre TT390 (115 theatre style)

15:30-16:30 Partnerships for Better Tourism in Destinations

A discussion amongst industry leaders about how partnerships between outbound tour operators from originating markets can co-operate with destination management organisations and the inbound industry to make tourism better. Responsible Tourism is about using tourism to make better places for people to live in and better places to visit? What can these partnerships achieve? What are the major challenges? How can they best be addressed? A review of experience and thoughts on how to manage tourism better…

Martin Brackenbury, Director, Classic Collection Holidays  Audio

Márcio Favilla L. de Paula  Executive Director Operational Programmes and Institutional Relations UNWTO
Noel Josephides Chairman Sunvil Holidays

Cristian Alfaro Park, Head of the Tourism Department in Ayuntamiento de Calviá, Mallorca
Patrick Torrent, Executive Director, Catalan Tourist Board
Garry Wilson Managing Director Purchasing at TUI Travel PLC
Nikki White Head of Destinations and Sustainability, ABTAThe Travel Association

Tuesday 4th November 2014

10:00-11:15 Increasing the Local Economic Impact of Tourism Video

Tourism has established itself as one of the world’s leading economic sector, a powerhouse for economic development. However, local communities often feel excluded when the employment opportunities do not materialise and little is sourced locally. We’ll look at four cases where specific interventions ensured that there were jobs for locals or opportunities were created for local producers of goods and services to sell to tourists and tourism businesses.

Chair Harold Goodwin

Jane Ashton, Director of Group Sustainable Development, TUI Travel PLC
Adama Bah ICRT West Africa
Jenn Bobbin Just Report
Deidre Luzmore MzansiStore.com
Heidi van der Watt, Director, ICRT South Africa

11:30-12:30 Reducing Energy and Water Consumption – Good for the Environment and the Bottom Line Video

Resource efficiency makes sense for the bottom line and for the environment, costs are rising and climate change is impacting on the distribution of water. Flooding and drought both result from changes in weather patterns and climate. Carbon pollution from the burning of fossil fuels is a major cause of the rise in average temperatures that we are experiencing in destinations. We’ll hear from four panellists who understand the business case for reducing energy and water consumption and hear why it matters for our sustainability.

Chair Mark Tanzer, Chief Executive, ABTAThe Travel Association
Rebecca Hawkins Managing Director, Responsible Hospitality Partnership
Fran Hughes Head of Programmes at the International Tourism Partnership
Rachel McCaffery, Head of Sustainable Tourism, The INTASAVE Partnership and CARIBSAVE
Chris Warren Chairman, Hamlet Research, Australia

13:00-14:00 How can you use Responsible Tourism to drive sales? Video

Responsible Tourism is good business, but how you market and present the product matters. It’s not about hair shirts and cold showers; it is about the quality of the experience, about engagement and authenticity. It is about using Responsible Tourism to create value for the consumer, to give them an experience they won’t forget – but be warned, beware greenwashing. Four industry leaders will talk about how they use Responsible Tourism for market advantage.

Chair Harold Goodwin

Ilana Rapaport Communications Consultant at ABTA – The Travel Association
Justin Francis CEO ResponsibleTravel.com  interview
Rachel O’Reilly,  Head of Communications at Kuoni Travel UK
Jeremy Smith Editor WTM Responsible Tourism (https://blog.wtmresponsibletourism.com)


14:30-15:30 Everyone Deserves a Holiday: Social Inclusion  Video

The UN Declaration on Human Rights asserts that everyone has the right to rest and leisure and to travel. The UNWTO Global Code of Ethics promotes a universal right to tourism for families, young people, seniors and people with disabilities. We’ll address the barriers which prevent people taking a holiday and discuss ways in which the disadvantaged can be offered a holiday experience – what can the industry do to create these opportunities and create great experiences for those with disabilities?

Chair John Swarbrooke Manchester Metropolitan University

Ade Adepitan Paralympic Medallist and TV Presenter
Nicola Davis Special Assistance  at Virgin Holidays

José Fernandes Franco, Director, Campo dos Sonhos and Parque dos Sonhos, Brazil
Lynne Kirby Managing Director Enable Holidays
Nikki White Head of Destinations and Sustainability, ABTA

15:45-16:45 Better Wildlife Tourism – Whose Responsibility? Video

Wildlife viewing has always been a big attraction for tourists, game viewing in Africa and Asia, bird watching and diving. In recent years people have sought closer encounters and, with increasing interest in marine life, we have seen the growth of swimming with dolphins and shark cage diving. The panellists will offer their expert opinion about how the demands of tourists for ever closer encounters can be met responsibly and without damaging the wildlife they seek to encounter.

Chair Harold Goodwin

Colin Bell     Africa’s Finest
Sandra Carvao Chief, Communications and Publications at UNWTO World Tourism Organization
Geoff Manchester Co-Founder & Director at Intrepid Travel
Mohammad Rafiq, Director, The Long Run Initiative

17:00-18:00 How Much Responsibility Should Tourism Take for Animal Welfare? Video

It is often said that UK outbound operators get more letters about animal welfare than about any other ethical issue. This panel provides an opportunity to hear from the industry about how they see their responsibility for animal welfare and from some of the campaigners. This panel focusses on domesticated and captive animals. To what extent should tourists expect to be able to impose their views about animal welfare on other cultures with different attitudes to the treatment of animals?

Chair Harold Goodwin
Travis Burke VP Caribbean Sales, Dolphin Discovery
Mirieme Hill, Responsible Business Manager, Virgin Holidays
Simon Pickup, Sustainable Tourism Manager, ABTA – The Travel Association
Daniel Turner, Programmes Manager, Born Free Foundation

Wednesday 5th November 2014

World Responsible Tourism Day

Video of the opening

10:00 -11:00 WRTD Opening and Stephen Sackur Interview

What can the tourism industry do for the conservation of Elephants and Rhino?

Conserving elephants and rhino in the wild is  a struggle.No one who heard Charlie Mayhew, founder and chief executive of Tusk, speak on World Responsible Tourism  Day at WTM in 2012 will forget the power of his speech or the images of the cruelty of poaching. We heard how poaching has  reached catastrophic proportions sweeping through the continent, decimating wildlife and destroying national and local economies, including the tourism industry.

Over the last two years the situation has worsened, with reports of 1,004 South African rhinos killed in 2013; and by August this year 695 rhinos had been poached – 418 of them in the Kruger National Park. On the black market rhino horn sells for £39,000 a kilo – more than platinum or gold. We have brought together.

We have invited Charlie Mayhew to discuss how to improve and progress anti-poaching action in Africa with Colin Bell. Colin Bell co-founded Wilderness Safaris in 1983, sold his shares in 2005 and co-founded Great Plains Conservation in 2006. Now completely independent, Colin is campaigning for a Green Safari model. He believes passionately that allowing the trade in rhino is no way to stop rhino poaching – the Times reported in August this year that poachers are putting rhino farmers out of business with South African National Parks selling live rhinos at a fraction of what their horn would fetch on the black market. The two of them will be interviewed by our sponsor BBC World News Hardtalk’s Stephen Sackur on Wednesday morning in what promises to be a lively and hard hitting interview.

Colin Bell     Africa’s Finest

Charlie Mayhew, Chief Executive,  Tusk Trust

11:00-12:00 World Responsible Tourism Awards

14:00-15:00 River & Lake Cruising   [SG13 & 14]]

Cruising, on rivers, lakes, canals, lagoons and backwaters raises some particular issues of social, economic and environmental sustainability. Floating hotels and hotel boats enable tourists to enjoy some remarkable scenery and to get close to communities with potentially positive and negative impacts. What does responsible inland cruising look like? What are the best practices?\

Chair Ruth Holroyd Owner/Director Oakleaf Business Solutions
Salli Felton CEO  Travel Foundation  PowerPoint
Javier Luzo Transturin Bolivia PowerPoint
Arjun Singh  R/v Bengal Ganga India PowerPoint

Wednesday November 5th 15:45 -17:00 The Responsible Tourism Debate: Child Protection Video

Child protection was put on the WTM agenda in 2011 when we heard about the internal trafficking of orphans in Cambodia to populate orphanages which attract significant donations from tourists, making this a lucrative business opportunity for the unscrupulous. We have since had panellists discussing the issues of child labour; the sexual exploitation of children; the safety of young people gap yearing abroad; and the issues of child abuse and neglect which arise in outbound families. We have discussed child protection on panels at WTM Latin America and WTM Africa and this year’s debate is about whether the tourism sector should and could do more to protect children.

Motion: This House believes that the tourism industry could do a good deal more to take responsibility for child protection and urges it to do so. We’ll take a vote at the beginning and end of the session

I plan  to agree a list of topics in advance (pretty much as above) then to work through them addressing the questions what more should/could the industry do – the session will be run as a panel discussion with one or two prepared and agreed questions for each panellist and then discussion between the panellists and questions from the floor

Chair Harold Goodwin

Elise Allart Manager Sustainable Tourism TUI Benelux
Bill Bell Head of Child Protection Save the Children
Márcio Favilla L. de Paula  Executive Director for Competitiveness, External Relations and Partnerships at the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)
Willem Niemeijer, the Founder & CEO Khiri Travel Bangkok
Bharti Patel CEO,  ECPAT UK
Amanda Read Border Agency & Home Office
Peter Watt, National Services Director, National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children

17:00 – 18:00 The Responsible Tourism Networking Event hosted by WTM 

18:00-20:00 reponsibletravel.com/ ICRT/ Responsible Tourism Partnership Reception  Opening

Celebrate the World Responsible Tourism Award winners with the ICRT (International Centre for Responsible Tourism) and responsibletravel.com at our annual networking event on Wednesday 5th November sponsored by New York State Division of Tourism.

Join us and enjoy some hot and cold canapés whilst catching up with old friends and colleagues all passionate about responsible tourism and find out more about what New York State has accomplished through the online guide to the Bigger Greener Apple.

Thursday 6th November 2014

11:00-12:00 Employment Conditions in the Tourism Industry video
There are very large numbers of people employed in travel and tourism around the world, the sector directly employs 3% of the global workforce and if indirect and induced employment is included then estimates as high as one in every eleven jobs worldwide are common. Last year we focussed on the training programmes the sector provides and progression, there is a good story to tell for a sector which offers a route into employment and career opportunities for so many. But the industry struggles to shake off the image that these are not real jobs, they are often dismissed as low paid, dead end jobs. This panel will discuss what proportion of tourism jobs are decent jobs and consider what might be done to improve the situation.

Chair Harold Goodwin

Kevin Curran UNITE
Fabrice Leclercq, CEO, TRIP Ghana Ltd

Sören Stöber, Travelife Senior Business Manager, ABTA – The Travel Association
Wolfgang Weinz. Senior Technical Specialist hotel, catering and tourism, International Labour Organisation

12:30-13:30 How to Choose a Responsible Volunteering Opportunity Abroad video

There has been considerable debate in the industry and amongst consumers about the provision of volunteering opportunities abroad. This year we are focussing on helping the potential volunteer, and schools, colleges and universities which promote volunteering opportunities, to identify opportunities which meet the expectations and needs of volunteers and communities, which do not exploit communities or volunteers, and which are safe.

Chair Harold Goodwin

Mariana Aldrigui, Researcher, University of Sao Paulo
David Coles Volunteer Coordinator London School of Economics
Sallie Grayson, Programme Director, people and places
Daniela Papi Thornton, Founder, Learning Service / PEPY Tours
Tricia Young,  Educational Consultant, Sheffield Hallam University

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