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WTM London 2016, Day 2 World Responsible Tourism Day

November 8, 2016
Harold Goodwin
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With 25 RT events during WTM London, we will be publishing on each of the three days –this is an exceptional frequency, please do not unsubscribe. We shall then revert to monthly publication.

There are panels as there have been for the last 10 years, this year we have added a wide range of conversations which are taking place on the Responsible Tourism Stand AF100

This year we are building on our success last year in engaging a wide range of people in conversations on the Responsible Tourism stand – on the show floor and with far more participation The idea is to get the host(s) to get a conversation going, no set piece presentations – no death by PowerPoint. Some video, some storytelling, images, conversation, controversy; a real chance to forge new business relationships, to inspire, educate and challenge.

Today’s Responsible Tourism programme:

World RT Day  Supporters 2016

09:00 – 10:00 Responsible Tourism Speed Networking Hall Entrance S1  Global Stage Networking Area
Responsible Tourism Speed Networking is a not to be missed initiative helping to drive business and add value to both responsible tourism buyers and Exhibitors. The Speed Networking format enables Responsible Tourism buyers and exhibitors to meet for 5-minute mini-meetings to discover whether they have similar business interests that they would like to pursue during WTM. On the show floor, the sellers take the booths and the buyers visit. In the speed networking, the buyers have the tables and the sellers visit them.
Final list of buyers

10:35 Opening of World Responsible Tourism Day WTM Global Stage – AS950

10:35 Film

10:40 – 11:30 The Aaron Heslehurst roundtable interview WTM Global Stage – AS950
Twenty years ago the post-Apartheid government in South Africa adopted the principles of Responsible Tourism in their national tourism policy and the campaign for Responsible Tourism began in the UK. This year the spotlight is being shone on Responsible Tourism and Aaron Heslehurst quizzes your panel about the successes and failures and presses them on why more has not been achieved in the last two decades.

Auliana Poon, Managing Director, Tourism Intelligence International
Harold Goodwin WTM Responsible Tourism Advisor 
Justin Francis  CEO responsibletravel.com
Jane Ashton Director of Sustainable Development, TUI Group
Adama Bah Director,  Institute of Travel and Tourism of Gambia|
Dr Venu Secretary Tourism Kerala


11:30-12:30 Responsible Tourism Awards WTM Global Stage – AS950

13:00 – 13:45  Climate Change, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, and Travel & Tourism Responsible Tourism Stand AF100

Last November Professor Kevin Anderson gave a graphic presentation on the scale of the challenge of climate change. Then came Paris and the intergovernmental agreement to reduce emissions so as to constrain the rise in the average global temperature to below 1.5°C. Climate change has continued to accelerate with new records being broken for the hottest month on record and many more extreme weather events. A hosted conversation, an opportunity to discuss what has been achieved since Paris, what has worked and what hasn’t an opportunity to share reflections on why more has not been achieved and to discuss possible solutions. 

Host: Professor John Swarbrooke Plymouth University
Jon Proctor CEO  Green Tourism
Eric Ricaurte, Greenview

Sören Stöber Commercial Director Travelife, ABTA 

14:00-14:45  ‘How tourism can help the refugee crisis’.  Responsible Tourism Stand AF 100

2016 year has revealed even more about how Europe and the rest of the world is affected by the refugee crisis. Our tourism businesses are affected by these conflicts, and tourists are starting to make different choices about where they travel based on what destinations they consider to be safest. So what can tourism do to help the refugee crisis? What power do tourism organisations have to build resilience? And how do we protect local communities? Join the discussion to find out more.

Host: Crista Buznea, Marketing Manager, Holiday Extras

14:00-15:15  Tourism and the Sustainable Development Goals Platinum Suite 3
2017 is the UN’s International Year of Sustainable Development through Tourism, the spotlight is going to be shone on the industry’s contribution to sustainable development in destinations. Businesses in the sector, in originating markets and destinations, often talk about the contribution that the industry makes to development in destinations. But when the spotlight is shone what evidence will we have to share with the UN and other sectors? How convincing is our case? What evidence can we provide that out contribution is real and significant?

Moderator: Harold Goodwin

Márcio Favilla, Executive Director UNWTO
Jane Ashton Director of Sustainable Development, TUI Group
Peter Burrell Managing Director Exodus
Kate Gibson, VP for Corporate Responsibility at IHG,
Glynn O’Leary CEO Transfrontier Parks Destinations

14:45-15:30 15 Years of Responsible Tourism in The Gambia Responsible Tourism Stand AF100

The Gambia adopted a Responsible Tourism approach in 2002, much innovative work has been done in The Gambia, securing market access for the craft works, fruit sellers and local guides, addressing the marketing of the destination, tackling bumstering, reducing hassle in Jufureh and developing opportunities for local farmers to sell fruit and vegetables to the hotels.   As The Gambia gears up to celebrate RT  through the Mboka Festival of Arts, Culture and Sport – to be held 7 to 17 January – come along to join the conversation about 15 years of working towards Responsible Tourism  and to hear about the Festival – maybe you want to be part of it?

Hosted by Adama Bah Gambian Responsible Tourism Expert 

15:30 – 16:30 How can we ensure the travel and tourism are accessible to all? Responsible Tourism Stand AF100
A hosted conversation on the Responsible Tourism Stand on the show floor to look at some examples of what  is being done to make travel and tourism accessible to all and to discuss what more should and can be done.  Why are not more tourism and accommodation providers ensuring that there is access for all?

Host: Professor John Swarbrooke Plymouth University

15:30 – 15:45 Doug Lansky Platinum Suite 3 

Fundamental to Responsible Tourism is making destinations better for their occupants, because great places to live, are often great places to visit. How do we continue to provide a great experience for tourists and travellers, whilst not damaging the quality of life of local people?

15:45 – 16:45 Responsibility and Resilience – how can tourism be more resilient? Platinum Suite 3 
While the growth in international tourism remains robust at the global level, destinations and tourism businesses have been hit hard by terrorist attacks, extreme weather events, strikes and civil disorder, health scares. Our world is hotting up and business as usual is a lot more difficult for tourism businesses in destinations and originating markets – your panellists will discuss the challenges and consider what can be done to address them. How do we make tourism more resilient? Whose responsibility is it?

Moderator: John Swarbrooke Plymouth University 
Harold Goodwin WTM Responsible Tourism Advisor
Stephen D’Alfonso Group Head of Public Affairs Thomas Cook
John Telfer, Product & Operations Director, Explore

Xu Jing Director – Executive Secretary of the General Assembly and the Executive Council of the UNWTO
Nikki White Wright Director of Destinations and Sustainability at ABTA FCO 
Najeeb Ahmed Kahn – CEO Himalayan Holidays, Pakistan

16:45 – 17:45 Human Rights Platinum Suite 3 

The debate about what account holidaymakers, travellers and tourism businesses should take of the human rights situation in destinations is ongoing. How important are human rights to any business, or consumer, claiming to be responsible? As the Roundtable Human Rights in Tourismgroup, which includes Kuoni and German and Austrian tourism businesses, has argued that for “many businesses in the tourist industry, it no longer matters whether but rather how they address their human rights responsibility.” Your panellists will raise the issue and discuss the implications for the industry

Moderator: Harold Goodwin 
Matthias Leisinger CSR advisor Kuoni Switzerland and member of Roundtable Human Rights in Tourism
Adama Bah Director,  Institute of Travel and Tourism of Gambia
Philip Mudge,  Volunteering Quality Project Officer, Comhlámh
Samah Abbasi, Senior Private Sector Policy & Advocacy Advisor UNICEF
Clare Jenkinson, Destinations & Sustainability Manager, ABTA

17:45 – 19:00 Responsible Tourism Networking Reception Celebrating 10 years
Meet the Gold and Silver Award winners and friends and colleagues engaged in the Responsible Tourism Movement

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