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Why being Recognised with an RT Award matters - the winners views

Glynn O'Leary CEO of Transfrontier Parks Destinations
explains the business case for entering the RT Awards.

Listen to the thoughts of   Justin Francis, Glynn O’Leary and Richard Vigne about why you should enter and why  being recognised matters.

Why the WTM World Responsible Tourism Awards Matter to those who enter and win 

2020 WTM Africa Award Winners

Ol Pejeta Conservancy received a Judges’ Award at the World Tourism Awards. The Judges’ Awards are given by the judges of any of the World Responsible Tourism Awards. These awards are rare and are used to recognise businesses which achieve in multiple categories and have been recognised by different panels of judges. The Judges’ reasons can be found here.  As Richard Vigne, Managing Director of Ol Pejeta Conservancy  explains Responsible Tourism matters because
"Tourism must not come with social and environmental cost if it is to continue to grow as a global industry. As such it will become increasingly important for tourism organisations to ensure the social and environmental sustainability of their products, as customers become ever more discerning. Irresponsible tourism operators will likely disappear in the medium to long term."  more

Michael Daiber, CEO of !Khwa ttu San Culture and Education Centre shares with ATW Connect the importance of responsible tourism. "Responsible Tourism, being respectful and transparent, makes a positive impact on society, the environment and economy in all aspects pertaining to tourism.  It is important because it ensures that tourism responsibly meets local needs and the protection of cultural and natural heritage by implementing sustainable practices that contribute to the well-being of the communities and the resources that they depend upon.  By the same token travellers are equipped with information to make responsible choices." more

Chobe Game Lodge won the Silver Responsible Business Awards at the 2020 Inspirational Africa Responsible Tourism Awards. Read the Judges’ reasons here.
Andrew Flatt, marketing manager for Chobe Game Lodge in Botswana explains
"Responsible Tourism is important because here in Africa, we find ourselves not only responsible for but custodians of great cultural and natural gems. What this means for us, at Chobe Game Lodge, is that we have a responsibility to empower the people of Botswana and help them to learn and understand how and why to value and protect the natural environments in which they live and operate."  more

Coffeebeans Routes  won the Silver Benefiting Local People Award at the 2020 Inspirational Africa Responsible Tourism Awards. Read the Judges’ reason here.
Iain Harris and Michael Letlala from Coffeebeans Routes unpack why responsible tourism will form the backbone of mainstream tourism post COVID-19.
Responsible Tourism is essential. It’s life or death stuff. And certainly, COVID-19 is giving us a strong perspective on this if we weren’t paying attention before. If we do not use resources responsibly, we will destroy ourselves. And, if feels like an impossible ask. Look at how the planet is recovering with pretty much all international travel grounded. No doubt we should be travelling less, at least until we can travel in less harmful ways. Responsible tourism is about asking really difficult questions about travel and how we do it, about our motivations for travel. more

Ilha Blue Island Safaris won a Silver Destination Award at the 2020 Inspirational Africa Responsible Tourism Awards. Read the Judges’ reasons here.
Gail Woods, co-founder of Ilha Blue Island Safaris, based on the World Heritage listed Ilha de Mozambique, on working with local communities to create an authentic and meaningful tourism offering. "I am passionate about Responsible Tourism, it’s the only way to travel. Surely, we know by now that we must take care of our planet at every turn.; it is our greatest and most important responsibility. Tourism is no exception.
Tourism has surged exponentially with a growing population and affordable travel; it will only be sustainable if it is done responsibly. Both as tourism providers and as tourists we have a moral responsibility to protect the places we represent and visit.
We must ensure that tourism benefits the local people involved, maintaining and strengthening local culture and protecting the environment and natural resources for the community to grow and flourish. True success is measured in balance with environmental, social, and cultural factors. Travel should be able to make the world a better place. more


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